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Topstockpicks is a scam site where they pump the stock and sell for profit and lie to members saying they did not sell ,,Jeff Williams and Flow Trader are both on this scam and they will be dealt with by the SEC.
By gravatar SamA13 (New User) - on Aug 16, 2014 - 18:38 | report
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This site is a scam and when you mention something about that he kicks you off chat and forces you to keep hes program and not refund you

heres what happen yesterday (4-3-14) he bought FFFC at 0020 (i never bought at any time and still haven't and wont buy)... See Morebut anyways so today 4-4-14 he said he was trying to buy on the dip but he missed it then he said someone had sold and that people can do what they want (i agree) the stock was at about 0018

but then comes the misleading part he says he is still in it and others can sell but he is still in it so to me and i bet many others take that as a buy and surely enough the stock goes up to maybe 0022 from 0018 and a few minutes later he said he is out he sold even at 0020

then i was like he saw it going down he wanted out at least at even so he set a sell ticket at 0020 i feel he gave it 1 last try on hes mic to pump and bail for self interest so i decided to speak my mind even if im not part of this stock but i am a member and i though he was here to help us and not just for self interest so he stabs hes members in the back and uses us to bail him out thats not cool so i said did anyone notice what Jeff just did and said others sold but not him just so we can buy and then he can jump out

thats not cool and right away he took my access away and i sent an email and said what happen i want my money back and if he didn't like what i said he could of sent me a private message so then he said

"Why would I refund you? You get access to all you need, buy and sell alerts, lessons and all the rest. You just got kicked from chat for being out of line per our code of conduct. There is no refund"

i dont think this is right for saying it how i saw it this guy is an obvious scam and is in for self interest and he doesn't know how to treat his customers when they dont agree with him and kicks you out and forces you to use your product just to not give you a refund and sends a quote saying LIFE GOES ON good luck to who ever joins he is not in it to help you like he states it he is in this for him self only SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!

I PAID $297 to get scammed this sucks but i learned and i hope others dont get scammed by this group

Things this guy does to make money SHADY AND SCAMS PEOPLE IN MANY WAYS

1- he has a site to charge for a product (not bad except look at #2 )

2-he pumps for self interest by getting people to get excited on what he buys but if stock goes down and he is in it he says he is in and then pumps people up so it goes up and then he dumps on everyone cause he got hes way and doesn't care for others and then says he sells and makes people lose money by doing that

3-those that see hes true side and try to report him he uses them for free publicity he upsets the customer and he actually wants bad reviews so that at the end of hes rebuttal he will try to persuade you to hes product

This is what you call a scam

Heres a link of the were i have reported Jeff refusal of a refund
By gravatar JuanL12 (New User) - on Apr 08, 2014 - 06:42 | report
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