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I also ordered a Nikon battery charger and they called next day to tell me it was on back order. they tried for half hour to sell me no name brand chargers. finally switched me to manger and he tried to sell me no name brand chargers. All I wanted... See Moreto do is cancel order. finally he said he would cancel order. bait and switch .
By gravatar RachS (New User) - on Jul 08, 2014 - 19:57 | report
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Beware. Do NOT purchase from this retailer. I ordered a Nikon SB-600 flash which was "in stock" according to their website with 3-5 day shipping at $5.99. Everything looked good. However, at check out the $5.99 shipping went from 3-5 days to the standard 5 - 7... See Moredays. But I paid for the extra expedited delivery. I emailed their sales dept. and they promptly replied that they would ship 3 - 5 days. So, I felt good even thou I read the negative reviews. The good feel was short lived. Two days after the order, I received an email that my order had issues (no mention of the issue) and I need to call the sales dept. I called the same day and was immediately put on hold for 15 min. When I did finally talk to a live customer sales rep. she informed me the flash was on back order and offered to sell me the SB-700. She even tried to use the "Oh, the SB-600 is discontinued and on back order". What???? I know its discontinued but how could be on back order???? Do they have stash somewhere that isn't at their dist. warehouse? Either way, I immediately cancelled my order and demanded a email confirmation. The LOW price pulled me into this bait-and-switch dishonest retailer where I disregarded all the negative reviews. Lesson learned. Buy from a reputable e-retailer or brick-and-mortar store.
By gravatar JohnK19 (New User) - on Dec 12, 2013 - 17:35 | report
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One of the worst retailers on the Net. My experience the same -- ordered Canon 430EX II Speedlite, email says to call; out of stock, suggest a Sigma flash "better" at SAME cost. I researched Sigma, less quality, available at lower cost elsewhere. Virtually all reviews... See Moreare like this, except for a few that i suspect are posted by Oh, I know they would never stoop to such a thing, but people who use the bait and switch tactic constantly are surely willing to do this. They are beneath contempt. Don't patronize -- you will be disappointed, "I guarantee it."
By gravatar BobL5 (New User) - on Oct 25, 2013 - 01:40 | report
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Order Nikon sb400 , The list Price is low $89.98! BUT you never can GET it, got the call said "SOLD OUT",YOU NEED WAIT FOR 6 WEEK, then ask YOU TO BUY OTHERS YOU DON'T WANT.for higher price.".No No,This is not the way to do business in U.S.
By gravatar JackS11 (New User) - on Oct 04, 2013 - 20:37 | report
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Bait and switch masters. I ordered a Nikon flash because it was cheaper than anywhere else. Their website also said it was in stock. I received an email that said they tried to call me about a problem with my order but they couldn't get me,... See Moreso I needed to call them. First of all, I have an answering machine (land line) and if they called they could have left a message, so I figured they did not all anyway.

So I called and they told me the item they said was in stock was really not in stock and they wanted to replace it with a Vivatar flash which was just as good and other people were happy with it. Yeah, right. I canceled the order.

I won't bother ordering from them again. A business that uses the bait and switch ploy they use by offering a product at a cheap price only to get you to order and then want to switch it for a different item is not a business I will deal with.

After looking at other reviews of this store, it is obvious they do this quite a bit.
By gravatar LeeC5 (New User) - on Sep 23, 2013 - 23:19 | report
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The other reviews that I just read are astonishing in their striking similarity to what I just experienced with this company. Last night I ordered a Canon battery charger for my SLR--the exact same charger that I have had for several years. indicated that they had... See Morethe charger for only $27.00 AND it was --- IN STOCK. Get a phone call this morning telling me- "please call us. There is a "problem" with your order. I called back. The Canon charger I ordered for the great price that is $40 less than other places is --in fact- OUT OF STOCK!! Sounding familiar????!!

The person tells me that it is back ordered and will take about 6 weeks to get. I am about to cancel the order when she tells me, "we can ship you out a "better" charger-- (-better than Canon!!--name brand CVC). It retails for &75, but we'll send it to you for $49.00 and you'll have it it a couple of days. As soon as I hang up I get back online to double check their website. The Canon charger I ordered is STILL showing as 'In Stock" and when I check on the one they are sending me, I find out that that battery charger is available everywhere else for about $11.00-$12.00!!!! When I get back to them to cancel the order-- only 1 hour after I spoke with the rep, I am told-- too late it has already been processed AND shipped. I can get a refund after I receive it or they will match whatever price I can find.

When I send a message to one of their SVP's to complain about what just happened and to show him that what they were sending me for $49.00 side by side pictures and all of the exact same charger- he told me--- "that is just a picture.. it is not the same! Then I find out that the charger they were sending me out instead of the Canon is --in fact- not what they are sending me. It is yet a different charger- a Vivitar. Compare that online and ---STILL -- their $49.00 is $40.00 less at other very reputable stores.

Now- I am told to wait until I get the charger and if I don't like it still, they will either price match or give me a refund.

Sooooo- I hold my breath... Unbelievable! I am usually much more careful than this!!.
By gravatar RonM8 (New User) - on Sep 05, 2013 - 00:58 | report
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"I ordered a battery grip for a Canon camera but, was called the following day to inform me that the item is out stock. They offered me a lesser quality item at the same price (a battery grip that sells everywhere for $69.00 for the $129.99 I paid for the... See Moregenuine Canon Battery Grip). I went back to their site today and there it was, the same battery grip I ordered as being available. This is nothing but a bait and switch operation. I canceled my order since I wasn't going to accept anything blindly, of lesser quality and at obviously much higher price than what is worth. Very disappointing experience. I do see others that have had the same experience with this establishment so, I think that you should stay away from this operation. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is! To all you that posted embellished reports about this establishment even after your were informed that the item you wanted wasn't available and how wonderful it was to receive a lower/poor quality item, your reports lack credibility.
By gravatar GuillermoA4 (New User) - on Jul 19, 2013 - 14:50 | report
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Purchased a Nikon SB 700 speedlite and the same day received an email stating there is an issue with the order. Call us. So I did and I get the item is on backorder for 3 to 5 weeks. Yea right considering the website said it was in stock. They... See Moreplay the bait and switch tactic. They make you think you are a getting a great price when they have no intention on selling it to you for that price considering everybody else is selling the item for $77 more. So I cancelled the order. Buyer beware.
By gravatar TonyD3 (New User) - on Apr 17, 2013 - 17:42 | report
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