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I just purchased a phone through swappa and everything went great. However, I am having a horrible experience selling my no-contract Nokia Lumia. It is an unlocked gsm phone that I have been using with GoRedPocket. They buyer wanted to use it with T-Mobile, and eveything I've read about this... See Morephone said it would work with T-Mobile. Now that the buyer has it, he is getting error codes from the T-Mobile sim and he and Swappa are accusing me of fraud (selling a locked phone). Swappa is threatening to open and dispute with Payapal. I have a receipt for my full price purchase, a receipt from GoRedPocket showing I was using it until last week when I sold the phone, but they are not willing to look at either. The buyer and Swappa insist that I sold a fraudulent product. I dont' know what to do - I've seen all over the web that T-Mobile has issues with these unlocked phones, but neither of them will bother to investigate. Any advice?
By gravatar EllenS4 (New User) - on Aug 22, 2014 - 20:17 | report
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I thought using Swappa would be a better way to sell my phones. It seemed good to me that I would not have to pay the exorbitant eBay fees. I also thought that I might get a better clientele too. Unfortunately that has not been the case. After... See Moretwo sales in which people obviously had buyer’s remorse, I have two unsold HTC M7’s. The last phone that sold, Swappa encouraged the buyer to lodge a complaint with PapPal, even though I had offered the buyer a refund upon return of the pane. This essentially locked my PayPal account until the matter was resolved. Although Swappa refunded the buyer their fees, the offered me no refund for the “Preferred Listing” fee. These are the facts as I know them to be true.
By gravatar JohnM84 (New User) - on Aug 15, 2014 - 21:23 | report
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Personally, I have used Swappa only recently and so far so good. You prepare your item, post it, and wait for a buyer. If a possible buyer asks to lower a price and you do, you are lowering it for everyone because it is a public Swappa listing, there are... See Moreno holds. Swappa is a first come first serve website and just like on Ebay and Craigslist it is not rare for you to look at a item only to find out so are many other potential buyers who may be faster at the buy button than you are. For cautious buyers, when obtaining your package perhaps make a video of you opening your ordered package and making sure that your order is in there, and as described, giving Swappa ultimate proof if something does happen to not look quite right.
By gravatar TristanA2 (New User) - on Apr 19, 2014 - 06:16 | report
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they are terrible and their esn/imei checker is not even accurate. the fees may be low but the prices phones sell for on their website are also much lower on average than ebay. but most importantly their staff, specifically the guy who runs the site, are horrible. they... See Morechange their selling rules randomly without notice to sellers and if anything goes wrong with a sale they immediately side with the buyer. there isn't even a hint of impartiality or neutrality. they also really don't understand how all of these new policies and contracts that at&t, verizon, tmobile, and sprint have that affect your ability to sell your phone. if they don't understand the wireless industry then they shouldn't be in the business of letting people buy and sell phones. if anyone is considering using their website to sell a phone look elsewhere. you are better off on ebay, craigslist, or the buy/sell section of forums. seriously.
By gravatar ShaunM3 (New User) - on Mar 05, 2014 - 07:09 | report
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I have been using this site for a while. Yes, anyone can buy any device. Just because you got someone to lower the price, does not mean that you are the only one who gets to buy it. Anytime a price is changed, anyone who is subscribed to that... See More item number gets an email. That way, everyone has a fair chance at a device they want. If the only complaint is that you cannot make side deals in secret, then you don't understand how the site works.
My only bad experience was with someone who bought from me, butchered the phone to steal a display. It worked out ok, but beware of new buyers and make sure not to ship until you have checked your PayPal account to see that the money has been deposited in your account.
Fees are considerably lower tha eBay. Be sure to get signature confirmation when shipping.
By gravatar JohnJ28 (New User) - on Mar 02, 2014 - 21:42 | report
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I can only post as regards the seller view point something I noticed...I had co-listed on eBay (and clearly underpriced my Note 3 since I sold both Swappa and eBay within 12 hours of listing) and the sales occurred within 1 hour of each other (eBay was first so I... See Morehonored that one). I immediately refunded the funds to the Swappa buyer but the frightening thing for him (and all buyers) is that Swappa does not put any sort of hold (aka escrow) on your funds until the item is sent/received). eBay does require a hold. Then Swappa gave me a "poor" review...even though I acted quickly to get the buyer his funds and fees right back to him. They said they lost a buyer (he apparently didn't buy another phone on Swappa) and as a result I was to blame for their lost customer. Whatever, I may list again but I wouldn't buy on this site.
By gravatar AaronB6 (New User) - on Feb 12, 2014 - 23:53 | report
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Wow I'm totally surprised! This is exactly what happened to me and I wasn't aware of this until now. I had worked at length with a seller to negotiate a purchase and had stolen right out from under me. Attempts to get help thru their email customer support lagged so... See Moreslow that the predatorial aspect of their transactions can't be stopped or reversed. It's unfortunate because good deals can be made but could be pulled ride out from under you in process. You practically are forced to have to go in with the same predatory methods in order to get the deals.
By gravatar DannyC3 (New User) - on Jan 25, 2014 - 21:58 | report
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This website claims to be be all about their users, all about the phone community, but does not monitor the site as they should. You negotiate deals with sellers and when you agree on prices they allow other people to swoop in and steal your deal. You reach out to... See Moretheir customer service and administrators and as clearly as it is evidenced they do nothing about. Poor customer service and a waste of time, trolls undercut you and administrators are fine with that.
By gravatar ChrisP10 (New User) - on Jul 14, 2013 - 07:41 | report
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