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After a few years of selling on Etsy, Storenvy is a Breath of Fresh Air!

It is a wonderful venue, with a caring and responsive Admin, who actually help when you need Amazing platform that is very user friendly and aside from the minor technical glitches that come with any... See Morevenue, their system is pretty seamless.
Sales and purchases are easy, with a smooth interface to Paypal...They generate invoices and packing slips for the seller/buyer...and provide easy shipping notification where you can personalize your message to the buyer, as well as add in tracking info. And they offer all of this, without taking away the sellers control over their shops or shop policies...
Honestly, our shop set up, sales, and purchases have been FAR easier on Storenvy.

While we have been there, we have seen fairly consistent changes. Their tech team and Admin have been working steadily on adding new features which actually make things Easier for the sellers & buyers. They Listen to us, and work With us...

Customers can create a profile, or check out as a guest, which is very nice. They can also buy from multiple shops within Storenvy, and only need to check out once. And it all goes smoothly.

I understand that with every venue there will be some shops that are not the best, and things will happen, as the neg comments here show. But keeping in mind that these comments are about individual shops, and not the venue itself...I would say I am sorry that these people had a bad experience, however, there are 30,000+ individual shops. Most of which are wonderful, with professional and caring owners.

Some things I would suggest to all buyers, regardless of where you shop...Etsy, Storenvy etc...

*Know what you are buying
If the photos and description are not clear, chances are, you may not receive what you imagined the item would be.

*Understand the agreement you make when purchasing from individual shops
Check that the shop is legit. Do they have their FAQ filled out? Do you agree with their Shop Policies? Because each individual shop Will have their own policies, for returns...refunds...shipping...etc...Storenvy does not set these, the shop owners do.

These things are important, no matter which venue you choose to frequent, or buy through.

Myself, I have had wonderful experiences on Storenvy, and aside from the friends made on Etsy...I won't be looking back!
By gravatar SuanaM (New User) - on Feb 05, 2014 - 22:55 | report
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At this point I too would choose a ZERO rating for them! I went thru there and purchased a Christmas gift from
That was 12 days ago...I have tried contacting them three different times to get a status update on my order which as of right now Get All Gifts... See Morehas not replied to any of my inquiries nor have I received my order.I did just this morning contact Storenvy's support to try to get some assistance. After reading others complaints I don't know how much good it will do. At this point I'm just thankful it was only $10 that I spent there and not any more than that. Complaints should be made to the BBB....this is ridiculous that people can setup businesses that are not operating legit & take hard working people's money.
By gravatar AmyK3 (New User) - on Dec 18, 2013 - 15:51 | report
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Do yourself a favor and do not order anything from the stores on this site. You will send your money into a black hole never to be seen again with nothing in return. You will not receive a reply to your complaint. You will not receive your... See Moremerchandise. If I could give it a zero stars I would!
By gravatar JenniferP6 (New User) - on Dec 10, 2013 - 02:25 | report
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i ordered a shirt 0n 7/10/13 and they took my 24.50 and i have not received my shirt. I send emails with no response and the numbers listed are not in service. They are scams and needs a class action lawsuit.
By gravatar AngelaA4 (New User) - on Aug 20, 2013 - 05:10 | report
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Storenvy is a social marketplace that has over 50,000 store. Each storefront is run by an individual owner. Storenvy itself it operated by some very reliable and respectable people who have been running the business quite well, in my opinion and have a unique platform and the kind of features... See Morethat are very useful to sellers, while keeping it simple. They are very prompt to reply to emails. Within 24 hours. As with any marketplace that has small sellers (some of whom aren't real businesses or even sole proprietors and without fictitious business name registrations, etc.) there is bound to be some les than professional sellers. Many are however real legit businesses or at least, professional. It is much like eBay in that respect, but I would imagine there's a smaller percentage of unsavory sellers. I know Storenvy cares about the community as a whole, not just caring a wee bit only for the buyers, as does eBay, who could care less about their real customers-the sellers. If Storenvy becomes aware of fraudulent sellers, I am sure they will remove or suspend them from the marketplace in order to protect the community.

If you are considering doing business with a store on Storenvy, look at the "About and FAQ" section in their marketplace store and get a feel for who they are. Do they know who they are? Or does it seem like they are feeling their way around in the dark and are pretty clueless as to what it takes to run a business? Do they sound like they care about customers and are eager to help you? Have they taken time to write their policies, procedures and shipping details? Have they even figured that out yet? If not, be leery. If they haven't figured it out yet, they are not considering you and likely don't know much about customer service. Do they have a Facebook page and a web presence? Search for their business name on the internet.

Click on the link on the bottom of their page that says "Custom Store". This will take you to their store (same products, just a different look) that they or professionals have designed. Does the design look nice? Or are they lacking a logo and header? Are the colors really bad and clashing? Or is it easy on the eyes? Do they have testimonials from real customers? There is something called "Yotpo" that sellers who take the time to set up their sites may have. If they have it set up and have sold things on their storenvy store, there should be some reviews there either on the bottom of the page or there will be a tab somewhere on the site (usually on the side wall) that says "reviews". Are the reviews positive?

Also, in the seller's marketplace store, you will see if they have sold any items and if so, how many. If they have sold over 20 items or so, there's a good chance they are doing their job. Usually the more sales, the better, but consider, they may not have been there long either. When you are looking at their custom store, they may have a dot com address such as instead of If they do, this is also a good sign, because a fly by night or dishonest seller wouldn't put the time, effort and money into setting up a domain and hosting it with Storenvy. They wouldn't put the time into any of the things I mentioned above really. What it really comes down to, though, is just doing your due diligence. It shouldn't take too much time to figure out if they are the kind of seller you would want to do business with. And, just remember, if something sounds too good to be true, chances are, it is. An example is there is a lot of counterfeit products out there, so if you are looking at a high end brand name product and it is far less than normal, there is your red flag. Unless, you like knock off's, then it's fine. If your Vuitton or Dior is coming from China, it is a knock off.

I have bought and sold on eBay in the past and due to my experience, I recommend against it. I have had one particularly bad experience as a buyer and one as a seller, but my worse experience was with the company, eBay, themselves. I am currently selling on Storenvy and Etsy. I have not been on either very long (June and July '13, respectively), but since joining them, I have not encountered any sort of problems with either. Most sellers on both websites are just run by people who are just doing their best, working very VERY hard, and trying to run an honest business. Try to step in their shoes sometimes when dealing with them. Not all of them work full time. They may have a job or family, be on a vacation or have hobbies or other activities going on, so they may not be able to reply right away... granted, waiting over 24 hours is a bit slow and beyond 48 is not good customer service unless they have a good reason, but still, it can sometimes happen. If they don't reply at all, that's just bad business. Period!

If you want to see what kind of service you may receive at a Storenvy shop, just write to the seller and see how long it takes and how they reply. Are they friendly and helpful? Are they short and emotionless? Do they answer your question(s) professionally and to the extent that is satisfactory? Even if you don't have a particular reason to contact them, go ahead and write to test them out. Make up a simple question if you don't really have one, like something about the size or measurements of a product, or the color. You'll figure out something easily. Also, look at their product pages. Do they take the time to describe their products? I have seen many sellers there who list clothing and never tell you a size, let alone, a measurement or much anything at all. I, personally, wouldn't buy from them. I always take the time to describe the product with pretty thorough details. Even details you could easily figure out just from looking at my images.

Also, keep in mind sometimes, the post offices do mess up and loose packages or there may be a delay in shipping. Just be sure to be patient, especially if it is coming from another country. A good seller will post tracking information for your product and if it's coming from another country they will tell you in their "About/FAQs/ Shipping Information" or product page even, about the length of time it may take. These are only approximate, though, not exact, as shipping times are beyond the control of a seller, especially the further it has to travel. But, if you have a concern, just write to them and ask.

I have always put my customers first. Not just in my business, but in my life as well, sometimes sacrificing sleep for the benefit of my customers. If you are looking for a reliable, caring and personable seller, check out my store: I hope this has helped you. Any questions or comments? Feel free to write me at storenvy through my contact form. Feel free to write to support at Storenvy too. They are quite helpful and pretty cool too. So is Jon Crawford, the owner. You would NEVER ever get the owner of eBay, John Donahoe, to ever read one of your emails/notes, let alone reply. John says, and I quote, (in regards to anything people in the eBay marketplace have to say): "I don't have time to listen to that noise". eBay got way too big for their own good. Don't make them rich anymore. Stop giving your money to them. Help Storenvy grow. It's a much better marketplace and it has a social community, which makes it much more personable. In fact, it's one of the very finest general merchandise marketplaces on the internet, in my opinion. That's why I chose to sell there over many others marketplaces. I feel right at home at and I hope you will too.

Warm wishes and happy shopping,

Oh, and by the way. Califorward does have a web presence. Just do a search and there will be a lot of links pop up on the first few pages of your search.
By gravatar SherylR (New User) - on Aug 11, 2013 - 20:59 | report
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I purchased an item back in may, two months later still nothing. They were very fast to take my money but very slow to respond to my numerous complaints. I have tried to contact the shop owner, PayPal and the company itself with no luck. At this pont I'm assuming... See Moremy $135 is pretty much gone. So dissatisfied
By gravatar JustineL3 (New User) - on Jul 24, 2013 - 17:42 | report
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I was going to buy a Romeo + Juliet ring, until I found out it is made and shipped from China.

Can't tell you how many horror stories I have read about dealing with retailers in China, especially, and, now comes

... See MoreIf they do not list a legitimate street address, telephone number and other contact information, they are a scam. No legitimate company in the world operates a customer service center through email alone.

Red flags all around.

Now that I have read all of the negative reviews and feedback from previous victims I will DEFINITELY NOT be doing business with these guys.

I did however trace their domain name, Apparently the company is run by someone named Jon Crawford +1.4156636890

Sorry, but I absolutely do not trust this web site.

Here is their REAL contact information:

Scout Interactive
47 W. 73rd Ter
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
United States

Administrative Contact:
Crawford, Jon
Storenvy, Inc
2111 Mission St
Ste 400
San Francisco, California 94110
United States

Technical Contact:
Crawford, Jon
Storenvy, Inc
2111 Mission St
Ste 400
San Francisco, California 94110
United States

Buyer beware.
By gravatar TrinaC (New User) - on Jul 23, 2013 - 05:45 | report
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I orderd sneakers 5 weeks ago still haven't received them and no response from seller but they took my money , this is a scam , don't waste your money with these thieves.
By gravatar MasikaC (New User) - on Jul 09, 2013 - 18:37 | report
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Ordered galaxy leggings 3 weeks ago , and it still says Awaiting Shipment. i clicked the store (saliemau) but it says Store Under Maintenance so i cant see their store. Tried to contact their email and facebook but NO REPLY. plus they already took the money out of the credit... See Morecard. ?! do not trust stores on there
By gravatar HijooL (New User) - on Jun 17, 2013 - 00:49 | report
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Was going to buy a gorgeous purse, but they wanted $20 for shipping. I think that's a little to much just to ship a purse!
By gravatar SheliaM (New User) - on Mar 09, 2013 - 21:36 | report
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