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They ARE a scam. Got letter stating "You and your child are scheduled". When I called and specifically asked if this was mandatory through her school they said "Yes!". When we got there they started there sales pitch. Then they told us my daughter would benefit... See Morefrom math & science tutoring. When I told them she doesn't need it because she excels in that they told me to try it and I could cancel "at any time". We tried it. Then when we went to cancel were told we couldn't. Were told we had a week to cancel -- it's on the BACK of the contract. We were never shown that. We reported them to the BBB. They have never contacted us - ever. They only made the attempt AFTER we reported them to the BBB. They are still taking my money. A SCAM!
By gravatar DaniM7 (New User) - on Sep 22, 2014 - 04:35 | report
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These guys are a scam, My parents and I went to one of their workshops at some undisclosed Hotel that they told us about at the last second. (shady, I know but we didn't think anything of it at the time) We were promised all kinds of good things but... See Moreone year later we have nothing to show for it, we were lied to about it being tax deductible and we were screwed out of our money as they refuse to give us any of that money back and have not helped us or done anything to deserve that money. They told us about how they will help me find a college and a scholarship, all lies. These people are preying on lower class people who NEED that money, spinning them tales of their children's future all the while taking away their last savings. We never should have signed on but I guess its true what they say about things that sound too good to be true. Whatever happens I am getting my money back even if I have to call my credit card agency. Spread the word so that these guys wont scam any more struggling families out of their money that they need to give their children a future. Oh and get this: when I called to get my money back not only was I refused but Izzy no last name and no employee ID refused to give me her employee ID saying that she has none and refused to transfer me to a supervisor. if that is not a shady practices red flag I dont know what is. What kind of buisiness has no employee IDs and refuses to transfer you to a supervisor for complaints?
By gravatar BobT4 (New User) - on Jul 07, 2014 - 20:04 | report
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I have to say what really bothers me about complaints is that you don't see the 124,000 kids that were helped and happy but you only see the few ppl who complain. If anyone has a problem with Rightc3, then you aren't taking advantage of it correctly. You... See Morehave other things avail to you besides finding out about scholarships. Practice SAT tests, helping with essay writing, math and science tutoring 24/7, etc. This all would cost thousands of dollars. Everyone I know has been really happy with this program. They belong to the Better Business Bureau and 92% of their students get into the top 2 colleges of their choice. Where else can you get that for the nominal fee? No guidance counselor can do all of that.
By gravatar TraceyV2 (New User) - on Mar 25, 2014 - 20:07 | report
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This program is a joke !!! I registered my son in December 2,013. No one called him.
He called them, and they said for him to go on line and re-register. He did that---twice, still no response.
We sent text messages to the guy who took our registration fee,... See Moreno response from him either.
It is now March 2,014. Just got a phone call from them ( get this ) saying I missed payments.
I'm about to get a lawyer. This is sickening !!!
By gravatar TerryW5 (New User) - on Mar 07, 2014 - 23:36 | report
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What I like about c3 is ________ oh wait a minute, nothing. Got a letter advertising the opportunity to schedule an appointment to learn about college finances for my son who they think is of high school age. Hmmmmm, lets see, that son is a third year college... See Morestudent. The letter provided a number that I could call. When I called that number, I was connected to some "associate" that needs to consider changing career paths because she provided no help.
After googling their company, I noticed that the information provided on the web site had only minimum resemblance to that information provided by the letter. If this information does not match, how can any one "trust" the company to steer them in the right direction? Is it too much to ask that if companies are going to buy addresses that they at least do their homework and verify facts before sending out trash e-mail?
By gravatar CliffB (New User) - on Aug 08, 2013 - 02:37 | report
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