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I cancelled my membership, before my "free" trial ended, because it was such an obvious scam. Low and behold I still received a 4$ charge on my card. It was a small charge so its actually taken me almost a year to realize it. It baffles me how there is... See Moreno U.S. cyber security set up to take websites like this down. Stay away, simple at that. If they even smell your credit card they will charge you until your dead. Also took me forever to cancel it.
By gravatar ShaneR6 (New User) - on Nov 14, 2014 - 00:59 | report
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This company is way behind on your actual score and when you try to cancel theu offer you all types incentives and "great deals" not to cancel your subscription.After you insist on canceling they will continue to charge your credit card until you spend hours of your time on the... See Morephone with your bank filing disputes against their charges...Do yourself a favor and get a reputable company such as (equifax)....DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE..
By gravatar JamieR8 (New User) - on Nov 12, 2014 - 22:32 | report
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This is the ringleader and the conman who is behind all of these predatory practices. BENJAMIN CHILLEMI. Judge for yourself and see if this is correct. We all need to unite as one to pack a punch! Send him emails letting him know of his fraudulent activities. Make his... See Morename and his cohorts known,. Whenever you say anything about or any of its alternative sites (there are many) be sure to drop BENJAMIN CHILLEMI in the comment. The only way this will end is if word gets out to the mainstream media. Do this, and we will prosper. Our justice will prevail!
By gravatar JohnS103 (New User) - on Oct 10, 2014 - 18:39 | report
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I would give them Zero stars if possible! This company is a scam! I signed up for a trial and called to cancel after I was charged $29.95 for the monthly fee. It took the person on the other end forever to cancel the account. I was assured it was... See Morecancelled and I was all set. Checked my bank statement at the end of April to make sure they had not charged me again and they hadn't. So imagine my surprise when I check my bank account on May 28 and find a debit of $29.95 from them that they charged to my card. Called to find out why I was charged and the woman I spoke with did not know why it was charged as she showed I called and cancelled on march 28. I explained to her this was causing my account to overdraw because of that charge and I was being charged overdraft fees. She acted like she couldn't care less. She stayed maybe it was a glitch in their system. I told her she needed to rectify this immediately and refund my money. She said she was going to cancel my account and refund me. Took about 15 minutes for this to be done. Not sure why they are always so slow. She gave me a cancellation number and told me to call back on a few days if I did not see the credit. Fast forward to yesterday a week later, still no credit. Called In and spoke with a gentleman who said he would take a look at my account. I told him I just wanted to low when my refund would be put through to my account. He told me he needed to check to make sure my account was cancelled. I told him the woman last week did that already. He told me he would have to put me on hold and check this and then transfer me to someone else to check on the refund. I told him I couldn't hold as I was late to a meeting. I don't understand why it's so hard to just explain to someone when their refund will be arriving. I had to hang up the phone at that point since I had been on the phone for almost 15 minutes. Checked my bank account today, a full week after the initial call to get my amount refunded and still nothing. Called again and spoke with a woman who told me my account had been cancelled in May. I told her yes this was the case because somehow after it was originally cancelled, it magically became active again. She said she was going to note the account and that it was showing cancelled on her end. She then transferred me to someone in billing so they could tell me about my refund. Imagine my shock when the woman told me the refund never went through. I demanded the refund be put through right now as I was tired of getting the run around from them. If it doesn't show up in 3 days I am disputing it with my bank and getting a new card so they can't fraudulently charge my card again. This site is a joke. The only reviews they post on their site are the positive ones and those are probably fake! Do not do business with this company as they will rip you off.
By gravatar DarolynF (New User) - on Jun 04, 2014 - 17:50 | report
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I never write a review on a company; but this site is not a company, it is an organization of thieves and scumb@gs. Go to a trusted site if you want help with credit monitoring. My score is nothing more than a scam. I was charged $260.00 before I... See Moreknew it, I didn't even set up an account. The only reason I gave them 1 star is because I had to, I would not even consider these scumb@gs on a star-scale. Not even a real company, but a waste of your life, please take my advice and stay away from myscore.
By gravatar JohnW36 (New User) - on May 14, 2014 - 21:39 | report
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Just got off the phone after waiting for exactly ONE HOUR to cancel my account. It took the customer service agent THIRTY minutes to look up my account. Then, I was put on hold while he said he would be " right back" with my confirmation number. I was on... See Morehold waiting for that number for another 30 minutes!! I had to call again and talk with another agent, who was laughing while he answered my call. This is what I had to go through to make sure I wouldn't be charged a ridiculous $29.99/mo for a service that can be obtained for free on other sites. I have read other reviews stating they were charged even though they had cancelled within the 7 days. I really hope that is not the case in my situation.
By gravatar ChelseaG2 (New User) - on May 08, 2014 - 20:28 | report
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If there was an option for less than one whole star, they deserve it. I signed up for the 7 day free trial back in January and I clearly called them about a day before it was over and told them to cancel my account and they agreed and even... See Moresent me a confirmation email.

So I just looked at my most recent bank statement and they charged me 3 times for the membership, nearly siphoning ALL of my checking account currency. Do not use this service; it is all a hoax to get your money! Please do not sign up for this!
By gravatar RyanT6 (New User) - on Apr 08, 2014 - 01:31 | report
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This review is solely about their CSRs(Customer Service Representatives). My card was recently hacked by someone using Myscore website. I had never used this website myself, so I called the CSR number for MySocre, given to me by my bank. I wanted to make sure MyScore never... See Morehad my cell phone number in their system, which would confirm the fraudulent charge put on my card. The CSR guy, clearly a foreigner, who I talked with was very rude. He told me to slow down my speech, and not a polite way; an accusing way. When confirmed that my phone number was not in their system, he became very suspicious and said," If you never used us before, then how did you get this number?" Here I was a victim of identity fraud, and he was treating me as if I was guilty of something. He must not of understood why I was calling, which I clearly explained when I first called. My guess is his lack of understanding the English language in day-to-day situations made him come to a different conclusion of my situation. There were several times I had to ask him politely to repeat what he said, because I was having trouble understanding him as well(frustrating, but not a real issue). Once I had the information that I needed, I ended the call politely.
In a nutshell, the CSR was a total jerk to me and was terrible at his job.
By gravatar LeeT3 (New User) - on Oct 18, 2013 - 20:59 | report
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I typed in in google search (because my laptop screen is messed up and I can't see the address bar unless I move the window around) and this was the first website to come up. I accidentally clicked on it because it said "Annual Credit Report" in bold letters.... See MoreI continued to input my info assuming this was the correct site. None of this is even what my complaint is about though. After completing my membership I realized that I was on the wrong site because it wanted to charge me. I thought, "no big deal, I'll just delete my account." That turned out to be a HUGE unnecessary hassle. After searching for about 10 minutes, I discovered that it is impossible to delete your account from the site (where I created it in the first place, 10 minutes ago). I found a phone number to call fairly easy, but that was the only easy part about it. I was required to input my phone number registered to the account (which I didn't even give to them, so obviously it didn't accept it), zip code, and I don't even remember the others because at this point I was very agitated. I was even asked to rate the company before even talking to a representative (terrible idea on their part). The customer service lady was friendly, but she could have been Jesus himself and I still would have given this company a terrible rating because of how it's set up
By gravatar NathanD3 (New User) - on Sep 04, 2013 - 03:50 | report
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