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The free shipping isn't free... you have to pay for shipping, though in my case it was a small amount. I thought - silly me - that i would get expedited shipping. Took over 2 weeks to arrive. No communication. No tracking info except that the package is in china.
By gravatar RalphS7 (New User) - on Jul 06, 2014 - 06:04 | report
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Bought a set of solar lights and a scrolling message board, expensive rubbish! Hit by excessive import charges in Spain makes this a costly exercise..The scrolling sign didn't even come with a connection cable and / or software to connect to a computer and the instructions didn't make any sense... See Morewhatsoever!. It was not clear that goods would be shipped from China and therefore attract import and local taxes. needless to say I won't be buying here again!!
By gravatar ColinC3 (New User) - on Dec 15, 2013 - 20:08 | report
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It is just cheating. I have only bought some goods which only worth 50 dollars, and it is delivered by UPS. they said the good would be send to me by express. But 2 weeks passed and I didn't got my parcel. while another product, which I bought from Amazon... See Moreat the same time and even delivered by common post office system, has been received. What is worse! I have received a bill from UPS which asked me to pay over 40 dollars for their VAT service. But it seems if the value of my parcel is not exceed 1400 krone, I should exempt from import duty. I don't know why this had happened.
By gravatar ArmonioL (New User) - on Oct 06, 2013 - 17:19 | report
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After reading so many negative reviews about, I decided to terminate my business contacts with them before they even began.

I had entertained the thought of purchasing several items form them, but then decided not to.

... See MoreI had even made the mistake of recommending them on one of my websites, a recommendation which I have since removed.

I have heard so many horror stories about dealing with companies from China, it amazes me why anyone would take the chance of being totally ripped off, and not being able to do anything about it.

Always find out the physical location (address and phone number) of a company before sending them any money.

Find out how long they have been in business, If it is less than a year or two, be suspicious.

If they do not disclose their address or do not list a legitimate telephone number, it is a sure sign that they are not a trust worthy company.

Many of theses Chinese and Asian companies operate against the law and have a reputation for disappearing once they have been discovered by the authorities.

No country of origin?, no legitimate postal address? no phone number? NO BUSINESS.

Only and idiot would send money to these people.

I find it somewhat interesting that and contain an almost unanimous 100% positive rating for this company? Almost as if they are owned by China, or employ a staff to "stuff their ballot boxes" with false positive reviews?

One of them even requires you to provide an invoice number for the item you purchased before submitting a review?

Does anyone else think that everything about these guys is overwhelmingly suspicious?
By gravatar TrinaC (New User) - on Jun 06, 2013 - 02:24 | report
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Had een bestelling geplaatst en nu kreeg ik foon van douane. Moet ik ook nog eens invoerkosten betalen 22€ betalen. Mag dan wel iets duidelijker op de site staan dan wel. Dus is je bestelling boven 22 € moet je douanekosten betalen. Nooit meer.
By gravatar Marie-louD (New User) - on May 28, 2013 - 09:47 | report
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I ordered items in February and still waiting. They are the worst Company I have ever ordered from. Maybe if there are no problems they may be O/K but if they have a problem, you the Customer pays. I will never use this Company again. Still trying to get my... See Moremoney back. The 1 day response promise is just a joke.
By gravatar AlanW3 (New User) - on May 04, 2013 - 10:13 | report
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Genial, muy recomendable. No he tenido ningún problema.
By gravatar OscarG3 (New User) - on Apr 19, 2013 - 09:58 | report
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Beware of thieves! is stealing your money! I paid €450 - received wrong items, they don't reply and don't care!!!

I paid 372,52€ to for 8 LED ceiling bulbs (beginning of February). They sent me 7 bulbs - 4 of which are the wrong ones. I repeat: not what... See MoreI paid for, not what I ordered! Yet I had to pay another €87 for customs. But the worst part is yet to come: they don't reply nor care about what I am emailing them: at first they told me I had to send them photos, details, etc. of the products - a question which I followed of course. Nothing after that - I have sent them an incredible number of 11 (!!!!) emails within the last 8 weeks - no reply. (mid April!)
However, when I told them 2 days ago that I was going to complain on as many review pages as I found, they answered they I should be patient in waiting. Nothing else. I feel truly deceived and disappointed. Keep your fingers from They steal your money - if you have a problem, they don't bother to help. Now I am here with the wrong light bulbs and paid more than €450 (!!!) for them. What a shame and a waste of money! I wish I had read reviews like that before!
And to only when I either get my money back or get the correct products shipped to me I will take down this comment.
By gravatar ClaudiaW (New User) - on Apr 16, 2013 - 21:53 | report
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I was told that this was a cheap online store, with lots of products and fast delivery.
Now, i regret the day, when I wrote their adress in my browser...
READ THE WHOLE REWIEW, AND MAYBE YOU CAN FIND OUT WHY IT IS A BAD IDEA TO USE THIS SITE! Fyi:... See and is the same monkeybusiness company....

I bought items for about $90 USD. The items was delivered by UPS. The problems started at once. Miniinthebox had promised free shipping. then, when I got the goods, I also got a bill from UPS, containing cutoms + a fee.

The fee from UPS is partially customs, and the rest is a fee for taking care of the customs FOR YOU. UPS is obliged to give the consumer the chance to take care of the customes themselves, by providing the consumer with the proper information at arraival. This was NOT done in this instance, and not when other friends of mine had bought goods from the same site.
On the other hand, depending on your countries laws, UPS is, in the context of being miniinthebox's delivery partner; also liable for the information posted on their partners (miniinthebox) homesite, reguarding freight cost. Miniinthebox has little opportunity to know about every rule in every country. UPS on the other hand, is a professional freigth partner, with the whole world as their office. Keeping track on fees is a no-brainer for them, but it would not be in UPS's intrest to inform any customer about this, because, clearly; UPS is making a LOT of money on NOT giving proper information to consumers, and then taking a big fee for doing a 1 minute task.
I've complained UPS and their practice to the Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman, and is currently concidering making a media-case on the subject. UPS has given me a cheap exuse, that they are obliged by law to do the customs, and then is in title to give the end user a fee.
- Well, if the end user would get the chance to make this decision in his own, I would actually agree. In this case, information is held back, both by the store, AND by the UPS, and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand the barely hidden motive.
I would recommend UPS to re-evaluate their ethics. To rip off consumers like this, is the sign of how bad the ethics can possibly get.

After recieving the items, I discovered that some products had faults. Both items was LED lights. One of them melted in the socket, and two of them did not work on CAN-BUS systems, as announced. I registered a complaint on these products, and at first it all seemed good. they offered me money back, or a coupon for later puchase. I replied that a coupon was ok for me. I recieved coupons that did not work. I tried to get them to sort this out, and then they ignored me. After this I placed a comment on trustpilot, I finally got them to talk to me again.
I recieved an email from (
Dear Kjetil,
This is Aggie from Thank you for sharing your shopping experience with us!
As you know, customer satisfaction is our NO.1 priority, and we give you our most sincere apologies for not meeting your expectations while shopping online. If you could kindly remove your complaint on TrustPilot regarding, we would like to offer you a full refund for your order. To proceed with this refund, please send us your order number, the email address that was used while shopping on our website, as well as your PayPal account information. After the information is confirmed, we will then issue the refund as soon as possible!
Kind regards,
I will not remove the comment, since I do not believe that you are telling the truth. Actually, I believe you are lying straight to my face. This is because; you ( has not even given me back the money I was promised last time.
As you have demonstrated that you can not be trusted, you've erned every little bit of the feedback I gave you. I will NOT take away the comment, until you've restored the trust that is necessary to proceed with this case.
I currently have two tickets at your site. I've written many times back to you, and have not gotten answers OR the money I was promised. When you answer me in those tickets, I'd might change my mind, depending on the outfall of the case.
Kjetil Larsen

Well, as you can see, I've not retracted my rewiew, I've only added the latest updates.
They promised me a full refund of my order, and two new coupons to use at their site. I told them it would me fine for me, if I got coupons, as I was prepared to give them a new chance to make things right. I've found some new items, placed them in my cart, and tried to use the new coupons I've recieved. GUESS WHAT...: They did not work either..., and the money I was told that I would recieve..., I've not seen anything yet... Please help me - God....

What you should have in mind when you concider to order something fron this site, is; IT IS NOT FREE SHIPPING (after UPS is done with you), AND if you get in to trouble, they will not help you.
In our western society, we're used to having comsumer rights. These rights have been developed over the years, to protect the end user from bad products and irresponsible sellers. Unfortunately, these rights that will not benefit you, when purchasing on miniinthebox/lightinthebox's sites. If you read the end user agreement on their site, they take no responibility for anything, making the rules as it fits them, and if you're in any quarrel with them, or you (like me) choose to complaint in public, the have the right to block you from their site. If you'd like to resolve your problem within the legal system, the only option you have, is to submit such a dispute to Hong Kong International Arbitration Center (the “HKIAC”) for arbitration which shall be conducted in accordance with the HKIAC arbitration rules in effect at the time of applying for arbitration. The arbitral awards are final and binding upon both parties.
In plain english: When you use arbitraition to resolve the despute, you're bound to be judged, NOT from any laws, but ONLY after the end user agreement, that miniinthebox/lightinthebox themselves have dictated.
Have in mind, that for just a little bit more money, you can buy better things in your home country, and with all the protection of your consumer laws. Your govornment will protect you! It's a small price to pay, for all the security you might need.

you can be shure of a few things when you buy at these sites;
1. The only way a purchase could go well, is if you are lucky enough to get items that are in 100% condition, AND you'd like to give UPS a huge tip for their delivery.
2. If you recieve anything that does not work, forget about it - no way EVER, that they will fix it for you. You'll recieve a lot of hollow promises, but no actual help.
3. So - make sure you never spend more that you can loose..., because, if you do not get 100% what you want, then you've lost your money...
By gravatar KjetilL (New User) - on Mar 31, 2013 - 21:18 | report
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No value for money: hidden duties and fees, bad after sales service.
I bought from Sweden for 350 sek (40 Euro) with free shipping and I had to pay 285 sek (32 Euro) at the delivery, because of custom duties and admin shipper fees. It was + 80% of the price... See Moreshowed at the website! I claimed, asked for refund, sent several mails, etc.. but NEVER got any responce by mininthebox. Good attracting website but cheating behind. If I were you I would not buy there.
By gravatar RobbanA (New User) - on Mar 04, 2013 - 03:36 | report
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I ordered several items on 13 th of december( order nr.:1212131602919780 ) Which were supposed to arrive in 5 days. At first they seemed to be working efficiently and I was curious to see if they would carry through. When in januari nothing had arrived yet , I contacted them... See Moreand they seemed to take it serious and work on resolving the issue. Than nothing happened and now ever since I contact them, there is no longer any feedback/response. So, this far I lost my money , confidence in them and have to deal with lacking the articles I had ordered. With kind regards, Harry Groot.
By gravatar HarryG (New User) - on Feb 16, 2013 - 04:14 | report
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I bought a battery, headphones and a bluetooth-stick. I paid for it by credit card. First they said it went "express" by flight...then the changed there mind and said it were going by land instead, and it was the battery that couldn't go by flight. They said it could take... See Moreapprox. 28 days. Then, after EXACTLY 28 days they said that the package were stopped by the chines customs. They were sorry...they said! They would give me money back....that were a month they don't respond at costumer-service any longer!
By gravatar Budan (New User) - on Feb 08, 2013 - 12:52 | report
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Een aantal producten besteld, pakket ontvangen, alles staat op de pakbon maar 2 dingen ontbreken gewoon. Gereclameerd, maar het enige wat je krijgt is dat de bestelling is verzonden en daar mee het probleem is opgelost. Dus niet. Ik ga nooit meer iets bestellen bij miniinthebox of lightinthebox.
By gravatar Jolien (New User) - on Dec 25, 2012 - 19:47 | report
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Decided to try buying some headpones and cpu cooler from MiniInTheBox, paid with credit card 5 days ago everything was cool, and today order status became cancelled without any message, not sure what is happening but i dont like it, waiting for customer support reply now (5 hours already).
By gravatar joostice (New User) - on Dec 24, 2012 - 15:45 | report
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fantastic website, totally legit, lots of good build quality products to choose from , BEST OF ALL, free international shipping even for low value products.
good customer care, innovative products, i shop here all the time and recommend it to anyone who shops for stuff online.
Stuff ive bought so far
really cool... See Morelooking faceless LED watches
some nice kitchen accessories, iphone cover
wireless keyboard
laptop battery
USB card reader
By gravatar dsinha (New User) - on Sep 28, 2012 - 09:14 | report
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Good website, I'm a returning customer. No problems so far. Everything has been shipped out within a day on all my orders.
All you have to look out for is customs and tax rules in your own country. I'm from Denmark, and all orders below DKK 80 will not be... See Moretaxed in any way. Orders of DKK 80+ will be subject to 25%VAT and possibly customs as well. If the order is taxed there will also be a fixed fee for handling the taxation.
So I do the calculations and see wether it's still a good deal.
By gravatar jerida (New User) - on Aug 13, 2012 - 10:54 | report
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I don't know what to think about Miniinthebox. I ordered LED lamps on July 15th and did not hear anything from them now, august 9th. They promised sending within 20 days maximum....

Wat moet ik denken van Miniinthebox? Ik bestelde op 15 juli LEDlampen maar heb nu, 9 augustus nog niets... See Moreontvangen. Zij beloofden op de site verzending binnen 20 dagen..
By gravatar Theus (New User) - on Aug 09, 2012 - 22:32 | report
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I recently purchased a number of styliss devices from mini in the and none of them worked in any way shape or form as well as a iPad ,iPod cable connector USB that did not work in any way shape... now these items have to be returned... See Moreto China at my expense this is an enormous ripoff by mini in the box. .
By gravatar Donigan (New User) - on Jun 01, 2012 - 15:57 | report
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Extremely bad company, which I'm convinced is serving to collect and resell credit card information.

I first placed an order for a data cable with them using my credit card. My bank immediately flagged the transaction from miniinthebox as fraud, and blocked the transaction.
... See MoreWhen the card didn't go through on the web page payment page, I completed the transaction using PayPal instead. This transaction succeeded.
Then I get a message from they saying they need a picture of my credit card, and a picture of a valid ID as well, and they refuse the process the order until they get that.

Firstly, why would a reputable company ask for a picture of a credit card and valid id? They made no attempt to contact me directly, and they made no attempt to validate the transaction through PayPal..

Secondly, they already received payment through PayPal, so why would they have any reason to continue to ask for a picture of the credit card?

My bank was right, this company is clearly conducting criminal fraud, and you should stay far away from them.

Best Regards
Jan Petersen
By gravatar Jpeterse (New User) - on May 28, 2012 - 17:29 | report
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it has been over a month ago since i placed my order. I received update mails on shipping status for the 1st 2-3 weeks but since then nothing has happened.

Many times I have contacted them but so far no response whatsoever.
very bad service so far and still without my... See Moreproducts.
By gravatar denniss (New User) - on May 21, 2012 - 21:27 | report
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Thumb Down
Pretty good website, bought some litte items here (:
By gravatar intra (User) - on Mar 24, 2012 - 13:07 | report
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E comprado muchas cosas y todas estupendas, no se por que tanto problema. es una maravilla. ademas unos precios de risa.
By gravatar mateu (User) - on Jan 16, 2012 - 22:11 | report
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Thumb Down
I would like to disagree witht he bad experiences on this site. I live in the United States. Michigan to be exact. I was very worried about all the things I read on these reviews about shipping costs and cheap products but I ordered XBox 360 and Wii accessories... See Moreanyway because there was so many mixed reviews I gave it a try. I ordered on Dec 2nd; my order was shipped on Dec. 6th and I received my package with all 9 items that ordered intact and working on Dec. 9th!!! 3 days to ship to me from China is amazing!! Free Shipping and I did not get charged any extra tarriffs or shipping or courier fees. Most of the reviews on this site would be more helpful if they would tell you what country they are in so you can be sure you are not in a country that charges these huge fees. I am a very happy customer and will be ordering from mini in the box again :)
By gravatar wetmst99 (New User) - on Dec 12, 2011 - 22:00 | report
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They are very legit. I live in the US and order a product from them. They send email alerts, told me that my order is being processed, tell that my item has been shipped. Like they said, I got the item in 16days perfect condition but it was the wrong... See Moreitem :D So I contact them to tell them it was the wrong item. I will be updating this review as soon as they respond. But its legit so far.

Update: They asked be to take a picture of the item that I got on mistake. They were very nice in replying. They said they would send me the correct item and let me keep what they send me by mistake. Saying that they were sorry for the mistake, and that I dont need to bother myself with sending the item back. Great! So all those other bad reviews are false. I will be buying more stuff from them soon! No I am not a review that they sent out to review this!
By gravatar dragonassault99 (New User) - on Oct 01, 2011 - 22:24 | report
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