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The main problem with Spotflux is that it must be installed, and so, it is useless for security critical situations.

For total obscurity in security critical situaltion, use Ultrasurf ( Ultrasurf and its services are free. Norton Antivirus, and perhaps others, will tell you the Ultrasurf site is a malware site,... See Morebut it is not. Also, Ultrasurf may be falsely recognized as malware, but it is not.

If you are in a restrictive country, you can surf anonymously and securely if you use Ultrasurf correctly and wisely. No government will be unable to find out what you are doing on line, though you should carefully consider if you actually want to risk breaking the laws of your country. That is you choice alone. There will always be some risk of problems if you do.

Ultrasurf MUST be used with Internet Explorer as the browser to work properly. No other browser can provide full anonymity. Ultrasurf is designed to be used only with Internet Explorer.

When running Ultrasurf, all surfing goes through the Ultrasurf servers in the U.S., and so, that will be the I.P. address all sites see. You will appear to all sites to be surfing from the U.S. All data streams - both ways - between your system and the Ultrasurf servers are encrypted.

Ultrasurf is a portable app, so it does not install, and may be kept on a pen drive, so it isn't on your system. Keep the pen drive absolutely secure. Ultrasurf leaves no traces of having been used on your system, except for what may be in your paging file. I would recommend turning off the paging file before using Ultrasurf each time, if your security situation is critical. I.e., your system may be confiscated for forensic investigation, and prosecution is at all possible. If you turn off the paging file, your system may become very slow if you have less than 4 GB of memory, though safety would be a more important consideration than speed in critical situations.

Use portable Truecrypt to encrypt anything on your system you want to be absolutely inaccessible by others. You could safely keep Ultrasurf and anything else in the Truecrypt vault. You can keep portable Truecrypt on your pen drive along with the Truecrypt vault. See the Truecrypt site for full information about how to use it, especially about using the "hidden" vault. The U.S. government, and almost certainly anyone else, can not crack Truecrypt.

I believe use of these suggestions will provide total anonymity as to your location, sites and data being accessed, though circumstances can change. Always be extremely careful in security critical situations.

If you don't want to go to the Ultrasurf and Truecrypt sites, download Ultrasurf from here:

Download Truecrypt here:

If you want to know how to call any phone in the U.S. or Canada free, as often as you like, download this:

The URLs are from my personal account.

This is not spam. It is advice.
By gravatar dadwhiskers (New User) - on Jul 04, 2012 - 03:32 | report
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