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An Indian guy with his slumdog accent called me on my home phone and told me my PC was hacked, Then gave me instructions to run 'eventvwr', and said my PC has the following error messages because it has been hacked. After that that guy gave me the address of... See and download remote a pc remote control application.

Don't trust unknown people with Indian accent
By gravatar FaisalS4 (New User) - on Aug 25, 2014 - 18:11 | report
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i just got a call from them saying they were from Window's IT and they want to fix my computer.

I have a MacAir.
By gravatar TimI2 (New User) - on Jul 09, 2014 - 22:40 | report
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This is the 8th call that I have received from these people they are trying their best to get me to run on my computer I googled on my cell phone while I was on the house phone with them because the last call had been so long ago... See Moreand it said Scam so I told him I just google this and it's a scam he was angry I clicked him!!
By gravatar MonicaC5 (New User) - on Jun 18, 2014 - 22:35 | report
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I got a call from these guys and when I started toying with him, he told me "Hang up the phone before I start abusing you!" These guys are bogus, they're trying to get you to run a malicious executable; I checked it out in linux, ahahaha. Don't... See Morelisten to these guys, they're trying to harm you.
By gravatar DellS (New User) - on May 16, 2014 - 23:57 | report
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I got a call from this company claiming they represented Microsoft and I had downloaded malware onto my computer in the last two weeks (funny, considering it hasn't been on in three.) The guy sounded worse than your typical IT helpers (Pure Middle East). After going through the motions... See Moreon my computer with them, they asked me to go to their web page, that threw up a BIG RED FLAG. I then did a web search and found the other reviews. I cut off the conversation right then and there and ran my own security sweep.
By gravatar WarsesL (New User) - on Apr 29, 2014 - 23:23 | report
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Please Note: the rating is bad because too scared to really look at anything in there - as don't trust the people that asked me to go there.
I've had about 20 of these calls - another one today - last time I was told they were ringing on behalf of... See MoreMicrosoft - this time on behalf of Telstra I wonder if these companies know about this? I managed to get out of the head manager the fourth person I spoke to that they are from virtual PC doctor, and this site they sent me to would get me my licence key so I can make the changes I need on my computer - it would cost me $3 or $2 if I banked with National bank. So initial they said they were a free service and then through this site I would be paying something - but the rest was free? Didn't get that far.
I actually believe that the website in itself isn't harmful - it's what others get you to do with the site that might be. I don't understand if they want a payment why not use Paypal? They send you to a Spanish language website???? They told me that if they wanted to hack my computer that it wouldn't be a problem - but they weren't allowed to. So I said well then do it. The phone calls may be Private Number but the telecos would know who called. They speak to you like you are an idiot - and they make out that the errors on your system are devastating. Well now I will have to work out how to fix the issues myself. They also said something about Casper but he stopped talking about it when I asked him to spell it - I just wanted to know what it is they want me to download onto my machine. It may be the next best thing after sliced bread but I will never know.
By gravatar ChristineB9 (New User) - on Apr 15, 2014 - 07:15 | report
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I got a call from a woman who had a thick Indian accent. In the background it sounded like 1000 people talking like it was some kind of 3rd world sweat shop call center. The woman on the phone was barely understandable due to her accent. After asking to speak... See Moreto whoever owned the house she immediately told me her computers were getting illegal messages from my computer. Of course I smelled a rat but wanted to see what she had in mind. She then told me that she could fix the problem but I had to go to my computer. Luckily for her I had it in my lap. At this point the woman who called me passed my call to a nearby "manager" who would walk me through the rest. I immediately told her I had it and asked what to do next. She told me to go to a run prompt and type in This took about 4 minutes because I could not understand her phonetic spelling of the letters to type or her pronunciation of "infosis" Of course this brings up the website. At this point I asked her if she was serious then told her she was part of the dumbest scam I had ever seen. I am still curious what she had in store for me and my computer. Do tell if you find out!
By gravatar ArchieC (New User) - on Mar 28, 2014 - 01:40 | report
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