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Transitional Technologies, LLC
1281 Franquette Avenue
Concord CA 94520
United States
☎ +1 925 566 8575
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This is an OUTRIGHT LIE. There is no phishing/scam software, no China connection, no basis to his lies at all. Once again we are attacked by a malicious liar with no evidence and this time just outright ridiculous claims.

We are a manufacturer in the USA with an excellent rating... See Moreand great customer loyalty. Every claim above is an outright lie.
We will contact the site owners to have it removed
By gravatar Bob Volk (New User) - on Sep 06, 2011 - 21:09 | report
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Someone trying to imply something here by using an alike nickname? What a lame way to post trollish comments. So much for "trustworthy" members from the mywot community. Good thing I've quit that "Web Of Terror".

Whatever - the "hhokitsdirect.com" website is safe! So it's GOOD!
... See MoreBob Volk has a cool business going where he (among other things) sells Quality HHO Kits to quickly, easily, and safely make hydrogen (from water) to "catalyze" the gasoline or diesel fuel. The Clean Burning Hydrogen extracts More Energy out of the fuel, resulting in Less Waste (lowering emissions) while at the same time increasing your mileage from 20%-50% (on average). Get Better Acceleration, Smoother Idle, Better mileage, Better Highway Passing ability too!

The coolest thing of all: if you are in the Bay Area, you can even stop by and check out his shop/business in their NEW Building in Concord, California! Now how's that for trust? GREAT!!!

Two thumbs up, Bob!

By gravatar webiGator (New User) - on Sep 17, 2011 - 07:17 | report
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This is another lying attack on our site by anonymous liars who can post malicious accusations directly against us with no substantiation. I recognize them both from mywot - one has deleted his account because he is being SUED for libelous accusations. we will do the same to all who... See Moretarget us unrighteously as well.
By gravatar hybridman (New User) - on Sep 15, 2011 - 21:38 | report
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Just a note: This same guy is posting malicious content about us on other sites under similar pseudonyms. Most likely one of our competitors who is jealous of our success and is attempting to shut us down. I have evidence to that extent.

If you actually look at our page- you... See Morewill see we have a great customer loyalty, excellent products, and a strong track record of results with our hho generator kits.

We do not deal in any form of software, malware, phishing ware or any other software driven nonsense. We manufacture hydrogen generators, and have nothing to do with software.

The post by sushygator is a desperate attempt to slander our good name once again. He is a genuine scum bag and you need to remove his lies if you have any credibility whatsoever.

I will vehemently defend our reputation against this and all liars trying to falsely slander our company. If you are a valid company- then why don't you give me sushygators email so I can track him down since this is no less than cyber terrorism against my company?
By gravatar Bob (New User) - on Sep 08, 2011 - 18:48 | report
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