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San Francisco
United States
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I know I purchased a nonrefundable ticket from GetawayASAP. I contacted them two days prior to my travel date to inform them that I needed to change my ticket, NOT refund it. I understand the ticket is not refundable, I never asked for a refund. I specifically asked for my... See Moreticket's departure date to be changed. They said there wasn't a fare difference but that the change fee would be $450?!? Does British Airways really charge that much for a change? Highway robbery.

Since they correspond completely by email I also contacted British Airways directly but they refused to talk to me, citing it all had to be done through this company. I contacted BA five times to let them know I would not be on that flight (my phone records prove this. I specifically told them that I would not be on the flight. I contacted them numerous times because I did not trust Getaway and I wanted BA to be aware that I would not be on that flight just in a case they tried to say I never informed them of my plans.

Both companies were made aware over 24 hours before the flight that I would not be on it and that I needed a new date. I knew that if i did not contact them more than 12 hours before the flight to cancel, that I would lose my money all together because I had been though the whole airlines "no show" policy with Turkish Airlines so believe me I am a much more cautious flyer and try to cover all of my bases when it comes to airfare.

I also informed Travel Guard the insurance company the day before and submitted a claim with them. I also opened a dispute with American Express as well. All of these claims, emails, disputes and communications were done 24 hours before the flight.

Finally on the day of my flight) when I had still not heard back from Getaway with regards to the last email I sent the night before letting them know that I needed that change date for the ticket, I emailed them asking why I had not heard back. They emailed me at 2:20am informing me that my ticket has zero value and that I would be unable to change it because I had not informed them that I was canceling the booking.

I'm not sure if English is not their first language but telling you that I am not going to be on a flight and telling you that I need to change the date of the ticket, is informing you that I am not flying. They said I never told them this and as such I now lost $742.99. So basically I gave them that money for doing nothing.

I believe that I gave them and the airlines ample notice that I could not make the flight, there is no reason I should have received a no show, and there is no reason I should have lost that ticket/money. I had a feeling they would do this from reviews online of other customers who had dealt with them. I figured they would pull something shady to keep my money and I was correct in my assumptions. If there are so many people out there who have been wronged by this company, how are they still allowed to be in business?

I was more than happy to pay them their overinflated change fee price of $450 and I told Getaway that I would need time to come up with that $450. Apparently to Getaway this was not informing them enough. I have submitted complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau, Attorney General of California, Attorney General of Texas and the Department of Transportation. I suggest if you had a bad experience with them you do the same as well. The only way to put shady companies like this out of business is to tell everyone imaginable and hope that they'll finally shut them down. I suggest you also read the other reviews of customer who have been wronged by this company. One reviewer even went down to their offices in San Francisco and found out that it basically operates out of a hole in the wall building with a staff of like 3 people (now they don't even list the building number on their site, just the street name). Very shady. Do not buy from them. Go directly to the airline. Even if that ticket price is very cheap remember there's a reason for that.
By gravatar AshleyG3 (New User) - on Aug 08, 2014 - 12:00 | report
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Low Fares and seamless booking process, my 'go to' website from now on!!
By gravatar PaulaB10 (New User) - on Jul 04, 2014 - 14:07 | report
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I had a horrible experience with GetawayASAP. When I booked my tickets I hadn't heard of the company before so I called in to talk to a customer service representative. She told me that I couldn't book more than a year in advance (this had been a visa requirement of... See Moremine) but if I gave them plenty of notice I could instead book as far out as possible and then change my ticket at a later date for a fee. When I contacted GetawayASAP to do so they told me that this was false and then refused to believe me even though I had confirmed with a customer service rep many times. They then treated me to the lowest level of customer service considered polite, refused to forward my concerns on to a manager and seemed to only have the priority of getting rid of me as soon as possible. Not only did I have to cancel my return ticket without any form of a refund I had to go to a different provider to book my return ticket. They used me for money and then had no responsible concerns about my experience with their company.
By gravatar StephenieM (New User) - on May 05, 2014 - 20:52 | report
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I got a great fare for myself, and my family, for flights to England with this Company. Any communication I had with them was all by email and was fast and helpful. Would have no hesitation booking with them again.
By gravatar PaulaS7 (New User) - on Apr 03, 2014 - 19:13 | report
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My experience with this group has been impossible. I bought flight insurance, tried to reschedule my flight (because of visa mix ups), and have spent days on the phone/email with airlines and your representatives trying to get reimbursement (that according to your own terms I am entitled to!). I have... See Moredone everything right, and within the parameters that you've set, with no avail. Never will I book through this site again and I'll spread the message. Awful service, just awful. (Never answer the phone and force to address issues via email, quite terrible CS)
By gravatar KalliM (New User) - on Jan 30, 2014 - 21:05 | report
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The worst company ever!!!!!! They never even answer their phone, when they call you back they say to write them an email because they can't resolve any issues by phone. Customer service very bad. They don't even write their name in their emails, why????
By gravatar AlaT (New User) - on Oct 06, 2013 - 20:57 | report
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Warning! I was attracted by the lower prices and booked a flight from Oakland to Austin using There was a stop over in long beach. When I get to the airport I find out the connection they booked was not on the same day. The dates for the connection... See Moreare NOT printed on the ticket. Too bad says getawayasap. It's a legal layover. JetBlue did everything the could to get me home even though this was not their fault. Ticket agent said this was common. -- Be wary of these ticket scams. Cost me an additional $110 to get home.

I highly recommend steering clear of this site they were rude and I suspect that they purposely hide the fact that the connection is on a different day. If you happen to look in the fine print for the total flight time you might figure out that the connection is the next day.
By gravatar PatriciaA2 (New User) - on Mar 19, 2013 - 04:19 | report
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