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I signed up with Freester to monitor my credit and charge cards, anything else it professed to do was just a bonus. My credit card (the one THEY charge to) was hacked with 2 bogus charges of almost $1000 and I got no warning notifications as they claim to... See Moregive to let you know of pending trouble. To add insult to injury I checked my account for the surveys I took and found that although I made a screenshot of my survey earnings, they shorted my account by $1 on a $1.80 survey.
I told the new rep when I called today that their numbers are inflated for the amount you can actually make on a survey and indicating that they will notify you of suspicious charges..........well, it's just a lie.
By gravatar CathyM4 (New User) - on Aug 19, 2014 - 20:09 | report
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I joined Freester last year and they were giving $25 restaurant vouchers, which I only got once or twice even though I submitted one every month. Then they did away with that and started giving $5 vouchers for any walmart trip over $5, it wasn't long before they did away... See Morewith that. Now they have surveys they would pay you for, you pay $1 to take the survey then they pay you $2 back within a week, well it takes 2 weeks instead of the 7 days it says to get your money back and every week they decrease the payment by .20¢. The first week I did it I got $2 per survey, the next week $1.80, last week it was $1.60, and this week it it only $1.40 and I can do it 8 times per card, which means I only get $3.20 for letting them borrow my $8. I don't think so! I will be canceling my membership as soon as I get my last payment!
By gravatar WendyT (New User) - on Aug 05, 2014 - 14:03 | report
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Freester is a rip off. I joined the site because of the vouches, and a few months later they removed the vouchers without any notification. I never received the rebate. Then, they added cash for surveys where you pay a $1 to get paid $2 after completing a short survey.... See More(You're really getting paid $1 and getting your $1 back that they charge you for each survey) Now... they lowered it to .80 cents. You pay a $1 for the "processing fee" and receive $1.80 back. They wouldn't give a reason why they lowered it. I also didn't receive a few payments and it took a lot of calling back & forth before my cash for surveys payment was finally processed because they didn't believe me.
By gravatar ToshR (New User) - on Jul 21, 2014 - 18:33 | report
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Excellent. I was not charged for coupons. I received 4 $25 vouchers 1 Target, 2 Walmart and 1 restaurant. I been paid over $205 for the fast cash surveys. I still have $46 owed which I am expecting this Friday. I also got the free magazine subscription. Total... See Moreamount made from this site is over $300 and counting. I am expecting to make the remaining $249 by the end of the year. There is a cap of $500 on the surveys. Much better than Inbox Dollars which has also paid me a little over $500 over 12 years not 12 months. As for being charged the $1 every 2 weeks... that $1 was refunded. Last week I took 16 surveys was charged $16 and then refunded $16. So really I don't see any cost in this site unless you go for the ID Protection and Credit Protection offers which are very competitively priced. Last email sent offered both services for $16.97 a month. Better than anything I've seen.
By gravatar DavidT26 (New User) - on Jun 11, 2014 - 18:54 | report
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OK, I was stupid and should have not fallen for the site which I consider a way to get your money and not pay the money it says it will pay you.
I was attracted to the site because of coupons for groceries and Health and Beauty products. Charge to... See Morejoin the site is $1.00 , which I paid with a gift card with a $10 limit. Once I get on the site I find out that they charge for coupons. They also charge you $1.00 every couple of weeks if you want to use the site.
Well, I passed on paying for coupons, but fell for the offer to write a review of a business (Restaurants, Retail stores etc ). The site lets you know in Bold Print that they Pay $3.00 per review. You can write Up To 5 reviews a week. OK, the small print says they charge your card $1.00 for each review you submit. They charge your card at once. They will either mail you a check for the payment for reviews or Direct Deposit in your checking account. Well I was not going to give that information to the site.
Long story short 7 weeks later still waiting for my first check. Long sessions on the phone saying the "check was mailed March 7 and it usually takes about a month for the check to arrive". This is clearly a way to keep charging you a fee to stay with the site. I have still not gotten any payment from them that they owe me in the amount of $21.00.
Do not be stupid like I was and fall for this offer. I guess they figure they are dealing in a few dollars and no one will get after them for this racket.
By gravatar JoeyJ3 (New User) - on Apr 03, 2014 - 15:26 | report
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1st it was getting so smooth. I got my 2 $25vojcher rebate for 2 straight months with no problem. And so I reffered almost all my friends. 30 days later of one of my friend became a member it shows in there system that my voucher has been mailed out... See Morebut its almost 2 months now and I still didn't get it. And I also have another referral and the redeem points s that it goes on waste bcuz they said the voucher is no longer available. I am so mad because I waited for moths to complete my redeem points and they declined it. I was supposed to get total of $75 but NONE OF THEM CAME IN MY MAIL...I
By gravatar Kendee-davidJ (New User) - on Mar 10, 2014 - 03:24 | report
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The company is a scam. I submitted my first Walmart receipt and was told it was rejected because there was no date on the receipt, I reviewed the receipt and saw the date 3 times. My home page told me that I could submit my next receipt on 12/16/13,... See Morethe update said it was submitted successfully however I was told that it was outside the dates of when I could submit it, although the website allowed me to submit the receipt. After numerous calls to customer service they finally agreed to issue a one time check of $50 for the two months of receipts. I was told that I should submit my next receipt after 01/17/14, I submitted the receipt on 1/30.14 and was told that it was denied because it was not within the correct dates. The customer service rep was told by the supervisor to tell me that since it was denied I would have to wait until next month to submit a new receipt. Each time I called there was another excuse. No one can do anything for you, even when you do follow the guidelines. When I called on 1/31/14 to question why my latest receipt was being denied I was told only a $25 check was going to be issued, I am doubtful that I will ever see that check either. Stay away from this company, they are full of empty promises and excuses.
By gravatar TerriR2 (New User) - on Jan 31, 2014 - 17:09 | report
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Since getting no voucher as promised when opening account, I decided to cancel. But the staff really persuaded me to keep the account by telling I could get Walmart rebate. I sent Walmart receipt, but never receive any rebate at all. I called customer service, he had no clue what´s... See Moregoing on. I just being charged monthly and put me to dispute and bank refunded me instaed of Freester. So finally just cancel it!
By gravatar DewiS2 (New User) - on Jan 18, 2014 - 00:54 | report
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I have already used the restaurant rebate, but still waiting for it in the mail. I'm about to enter the Walmart Reciept and I've had to use the road side assistance - the first 5 miles are free for towing, but $5/mile after that.
By gravatar MelissaP5 (New User) - on Jan 07, 2014 - 23:50 | report
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