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Please don't use Error End because it is a scam and it can stuff then you will have to get it repaired so I would recommend using Auslogics BoostSpeed or CCleaner since they are both very safe to use and they don't wreck your laptop or computer.
By gravatar trompfy (New User) - on Aug 17, 2014 - 03:56 | report
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DON'T waste your money!!! Error-End's a complete SCAM. i needed to fix a troubleshooter error & I went online to search for answers. This site popped up first & all I had to do was read that downloading THEIR product was for 'novices' & only 'advanced' users should try... See MoreWindows Restore instead. That sent up red flags right there. Restore's a basic, useful function every pc user should know. (One should create a Restore point before adding/deleting programs & any updates of any product. Windows Updates automatically creates a Restore point - and heaven knows it updates practically every other day - or so it seems [LOL] If you don't know how to do it, click on 'Help & Support' & read how. It's no more than a click of a button to make one & will save you from a lot of grief down the road.)

I've learned the hard way to check the net [Scambook, Rip-Off report, C-net, etc] for other customers' encounters w/a product before I download or buy anything, [This goes for those 'As Seen On TV' items, too.] These phony fix-it sites use various means to get themselves to the top of Google, Bing & other search engine lists to make one think they're frequently used. In this case, Error-End mimics a trusted site [Wikipedia] to lure unsuspecting people into downloading & running their product. Then it claims you have '100's (or 1,000's) of 'errors' needing to be fixed...for a price.[no kidding.] I accidently loaded one that told me my brand-new system had 958 errors - and when I read down the list there were dozens of vital dll files slated for removal! Had I bought that thing & run it my new 17" laptop would've been turned into a paperweight.

I learned a LONG time ago NEVER use ANY registry 'cleaner'. i don't care if they carry 'Best Registry Cleaner' ratings, have 'Windows Gold Star' [FYI: another sign of a potentially useless product/scam..To get the Windows 'approved' seal takes nothing more than a tech attending a [pricey] 'course' on Windows format. I contacted Microsoft after one of these sites'd screwed up my pc & was told this:

'We at Microsoft do no endorse nor warranty any site displaying the Windows seal is safe or approved by us in any way. Any company
may display this gold seal after attending a Windows course to obtain the right to post the seal on their product. We are in no way
responsible for any damages incurred by the use of such products. Sites should be posting a disclaimer Windows has neither
reviewed nor approved their product as safe or compatible with our operating systems or products. Thank you."

But don't those gold seals look impressive? All registry cleaners - regardless of who makes them - have the potential to do irreversible harm to your computer. Even Norton's built-in 'cleaner' [Norton 360] managed to take out a vital file, which has yet to be repaired. The nonsense of 'making your PC run faster', 'removing clutter & unneeded files', etc. is pure BS. Messing w/the registry is rarely, if EVER needed.

If you feel you must, absolutely MUST use a registry cleaner, BEFORE you do anything first PRINT out your entire Registry.or copy it to a flash drive/CD-ROM. That way you can go back & repair the damage (hopefully) after it's been corrupted by one of these useless money-suckers. If you haven't already made a copy of your Registry, do it today. You won't regret it. I've solved a number of problems caused by installing or deleting programs which changed vital components in the Registry just going down my original printed list & comparing it to what's on the system now. (i print out a second list so I can compare them side by side - saves time & I don't run the risk of accidently changing something while I'm looking around.)
By gravatar JimR6 (New User) - on Mar 15, 2014 - 06:15 | report
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I downloaded Error End in the hope that it would solve as it claims to do a registry issue. In fact it made the problem a whole lot worse. Their claims it will fix anything are in my opinion completely false. What is more when you try to contact them... See Morethey just ignore you. Whatever you dont bother with it. I have had to give it a rating but it should be a minus
By gravatar ShaunT3 (New User) - on Jan 14, 2014 - 17:08 | report
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This Error End thing looked as if it MIGHT be the answer to a very elusive but simple issue regarding a simple line of code. After downloading it, it started doing a "scan for errors." This "scan for errors" screen got all exclamatory, indicating Hundreds of errors, red exclamation... See Moremarks, etc.

Then, in order to "fix" all of the said errors, they wanted $29.95 to register it. I figured, I am NOT SPENDING MORE THAN TEN DOLLARS. I spent nothing. No registry key was sent to my email address because I didn't give them any money. I went right to Add?Remove Programs and took this freking program off.
By gravatar TedI (New User) - on Mar 26, 2013 - 16:01 | report
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What a waste of Time and MONEY! I have a brand New win7 64 bit computer. That i use for Karaoke. I was getting Direct Show errors. Fix-Ya recommended this as a "utility to fix the exact error." Well i wasn't too happy when i discovered it was really... See Morea ad for this stupid program. But it did say I had multiple errors. That once they were fixed and slowed down the performance fo the computer and totally disabled my karaoke program. I'm not happy. They offer a 60 day unconditional money back gaurentee. But there is no way to apply for it. I bought it through paypal so i guess I start a claim with them. As I have sent them emails through their online form. Same error after the fix as before the fix. I won't be using the Fix-Ya website either.
By gravatar TedJ (New User) - on Feb 27, 2013 - 01:25 | report
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I've ordered ErrorEND program in March 2012. As I was reviewing my mails today (november 17, 2012), I noticed an email from them, and checked on my laptop whether I've already downloaded it. It turns out I haven't, and decided to install it. But when I clicked on... See Morethe order confirmation/review, I find out I can't install it because it doesn't provide the license key. I emailed them about an hour ago to ask for a resent of my email receipt, and it came. Again, I tried to download but get the same problem -- no license key!!!! the website looks really suspicious, and doesn't provide too many details as to company background. It has a link to McAfee but nothing in the McAfee site mentions anything about ErrorEND. This is a complete scam!!! Please someone check it out thoroughly before someone else becomes a victim.
By gravatar jdb2012 (New User) - on Nov 17, 2012 - 12:20 | report
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I downloaded ErrorEnd. It scanned my computer and came up with over 900 errors. I paid via PayPal to get a License code. The payment went through; but, I didn't get the License code. Paypal is affiliated with CLICKBANK and they put in a Tech support message to ErrorEnd. I... See Morehad also put in two on my own. So far no license code. Two business days have not passed yet so I will wait until that is up before contacting CLICKBANK again. It appears that ErrorEnd is only providing an email address and no phone number. I plan to post more later.
By gravatar rcoppol (New User) - on Oct 29, 2012 - 20:40 | report
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