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Maybe know one has reviewed this site because usually that involves a personal experience with this government agency and most would probably fear leaving negative feed back and I dont see any POSITIVE REVIEWS! I will advise you this isnt going to be a review about what I... See Morelike about its going to be about what is wrong with it. My daughter lives in Heard Co. yet she cant go to HEARD COUNTY to get help with a problem she has to call a 800 number and be kept on hold for literally hours. because everything has been moved to UPSON COUNTY..... where ever that is! Why is Upson County handling Heard County Business,and why is Heard County handling Carroll Counties business,, .What are you people doing???? Are you trying to make it so hard for families to get help they just go away ,give up...,throw enough road blocks out there and your case load will lessen or the tax dollars can be spent somewhere else. How about prisons for all the crime that desperate create. Now back to my reason for writing. My daughter gets food stamps she has 4 kids shes raising by herself and she works. In Nov. she did not get her food stamps she called to find out why they explained that she did not participate in a review or provide documentation for a review that she was never told about she took them her check stubs and other documents to have faxed to UPSON COUNTY along with all updated info address phone number etc... Well a few weeks later they sent a letter stating she was to have a phone review, however she received this letter a day after the interview was suppose to happen and they had a phone number referenced that my daughter hasn't had for over a year they NEVER updated anything she provided to them including her phone number. And a CATCH 22 proceeded. Couldn't get help from Heard County,,cause UPSON COUNTY handles that... cant get anyone to answer the 800 number..Now come the reason Im in it, I have fed them for 2 months I am disabled on a fixed income and Im having to feed 5 extra people. I went to Heard County with her yesterday and they told her to call the 800 number and sometimes that ment holding a hour or two!!!! Are you kidding me! Another road block??? Well I was slightly upset and I asked "Are you telling me there is not some emergency help available for her to help feed her children? and I explained Ive been feeding them and I couldnt and didnt have the money to do it anymore? The lady gave her a 60.00 voucher which helped alot! After waiting for hours on hold today my daughter finally got someone on the 800 number hopefully she will finally get the food stamps she needs to feed her family, I understand there are people who take advantage of the system.. but I have never seen any business stay in business for long that operated like some of these programs SERIOUSLY?!
By gravatar WandaW (New User) - on Jan 01, 2014 - 03:46 | report
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