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I gave them one star because it would not let me assign anything lower. I ordered a Canon 60Da camera in march of 2014 for use with a 14" telescope. Within two weeks I received a Canon 60D in the mail. Kindly note the missing lower case "a". That means... See Morethat it was the standard model and had not received the $300+ factory modifications to make it suitable for astrophotography. I paid $1298 for the 60Da version and got the cheaper standard model. I called customer service the same day I received the incorrect camera and was given a return authorization number. The camera was returned the following day and I got a confirmation e-mail about a week later indicating that they had received the camera. That all transpired in March and very early April. It is now the middle of November and I still do not have the camera I ordered. I was given the story that they were out of stock and back ordered from Japan. I asked for the projected shipment arrival time as was told roughly 6 more weeks. 8 weeks later I called about my camera and was put on hold while the customer service guy checked. I remained on hold for the next 5 hours with no one ever picking up the phone again. Ditto on the next dozen calls too. Eternal hold is all the service you get. Buy *nothing* from this bunch of crooks! If you do have a lapse of judgement use PayPal or a credit card. Do not use a debit card as it makes it impossible for the bank to get your money back when they fail to deliver your product.
By gravatar JoeR9 (New User) - on Nov 12, 2014 - 17:29 | report
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I am currently buying a Nikon d3200 from closeoutdigital for 349.99 purchased it October 15,2013 I tried cancelling maybe 10 minutes later because it had horrible reviews and then i got a confirmation by email saying how much they were going to charge me for 649.99 I called... See Moreand asked why it was going to be 649.99 and he basically said that was with the battery and charger I was told it was too late to cancel it had already shipped and was told I would get it 12-15 days later so around October 27, 2013. I went to my bank Indiana Members Credit Union October 16, to see if they can get them to cancel they claimed they couldn't and gave me another number to call that gave me the original number to call that I had already tried. October 25, I get an email saying it just shipped which is today when it is suppose to be here in two days. Do not order from here they lie and screw you over. They do not even deserve 1 star, one star would mean they did one thing correctly. I Should probably get a new bank also.
By gravatar AileenaJ (New User) - on Oct 25, 2013 - 19:24 | report
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I ordered a Cannon digital camera on sale,the next day they sent me an E-mail telling me I had to call them to confirm. on that call they told me it was a Japan version with no battery ,no Charger or card, no "USA" warranty and it would take 12... See Moredays to get from Japan. they offered me one with all the bells and whistles for just under twice as much that would arrive within the week but I said I was fine with just the plain body and the cheap price and the factory warranty. Forward two week later, I called to ask where my camera was and they told me my order was on back order and would not be filled for at least a month.I talked to a manager and he was rude and condescending. These people tried to scare me into buying at retail price after ordering sale price! these people lied to me on the phone(I have the recordings ) and then were rude about it. Avoid them like the plague they are a digital nightmare!
By gravatar JeffG4 (New User) - on Aug 21, 2013 - 00:32 | report
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I saw an web ad for a Canon 5D MarkIII at a ridiculous price, so I clicked on it. Sure enough, the company, was offering the camera for the price (about $500.00 less than most). I placed the order, and then received a voice message to contact them.... See More The rep on the phone asked why I wanted to buy the Japanese version vs. the US version, and he then delineated all the differences. He then talked up the 6D after asking what I would use the camera for. I succumbed to his sales pitch and switched to the 6D, and while on the phone I quickly checked the dealer I normally shop my camera gear (B&H Photo) and saw they offered the 6D for $200.00 less than Closeout I asked about that and the rep said he would try to get me a rebate (never happened). Anyway, the camera finally arrived on 25 July (ordered around the 9th) and when I opened the shipping box I was dismayed to discover the camera box was labeled as a Canon 60D -- dramatically cheaper camera (~$1200 less). I called the next morning, and I was told they would overnight a 6D to me, and that afternoon I mailed out the 60D insured w/tracking. 4 days later, I called again to ask where the 6D was, and the rep said he would overnight it AFTER the 60D was received. The 60D was received by the shipping company (in Brooklyn, NY) on 2 August, and on 6 August I called again to ask where the 6D was, but was sent to voicemail, so I sent an e-mail. I received no response. On 7 August I initiated a dispute with my Credit Card Company. I called Closeout again this morning (8th), and the rep said I would receive the camera on 9 August and he would immediately send out a confirmation e-mail. I received no such e-mail through the course of the day. I do not trust them and would not do business with them again, nor should you once!
By gravatar PhilipY (New User) - on Aug 09, 2013 - 05:01 | report
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This company has a C- rating on scale of A+ to F by BBB for web businesses. I thought the $200 discount on a $900 nikon lens sounded too goo to be true. I think I will skip ordering from them.
By gravatar MichaelB24 (New User) - on Jun 29, 2013 - 13:34 | report
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I bought the Nikon d7100 online and received an email asking me to call and confirm. And I did.
The sales Rep was not friendly at all. First, he scared me by saying there is no battery and charger comes with the camera, that is unheard of for a new... See Morecamera. I told him that's ok since I do have a D7000 and they use the same battery and charger. Then he scared me saying they don't use the same battery even on all review web sites saying both D7000 and D7100 use the same battery.

He said because this is an imported item but they didn't say that on their web site.
Then I said I want to cancel it. He then said they would charge me 5% cancellation fee!

Then I said ok, I will order it. Then he said the camera is in Japanese language and all menu items are in Japanese language and can't be change to English. What the Heck?! My dad brought me cameras from oversea before and they can all change language in the menu items.

I went ahead and insist just send in the camera, I don't want to deal with this crap any more! He is NOT going to ruin my day!

But stay away from this, don't be another victim!
By gravatar JayH (New User) - on May 06, 2013 - 18:18 | report
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I looked for anything negative on CloseoutDigital but found nothing. I began purchasing a Nikon lens from CloseoutDigital and they charged the transaction as DigitalDepotOnline. After awhile, CloseoutDigital called and said that Visa had declined the transaction. I called Visa to see what might be the problem and I was... See Moretransferred to Visa's legal department. I was told that DigitalDepot has a scam rating on a scale from 1 to 1000 of 991. They would not process the charge. They suggested I close my account because CloseoutDigital has everything to try repeated charges of smaller amounts and then it would be a dispute situation. They're sending me a new card.

A more complete version is available on Ripoff Report. I had posted a review on Reseller Ratings but CloseoutDigital complained to them and they took it off.
By gravatar Gjacked (New User) - on Jan 13, 2013 - 02:44 | report
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