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Don't even try to buy from these crooks. If it is a good deal then there will be something go drastically wrong with the transaction. They don't want to sell to you, they want to screw you into something. I ordered a camera and received the same e-mail as some... See Moreof the rest of you about the numbers on your card. This is a tactic to evaluate the sale and promote other items and inform you the item is not as you thought. My news was that the charger and batteries are not included and are extra." IN THE BOX ITEMS " are not always in the box when you buy from ALLSTATE CAMERA. They charge you extra for an items that are standard with the camera. So don't be fooled by the double talk and ranting the will give you over the phone. Lloyd didn't even give me a chance to find the facts, he was rude and interrupted my questions as he cancelled the order without my permission and hung up on me. I verified with a second call that the order was cancelled. Don't waste your time on this bunch. I'll buy somewhere else.
By gravatar ChadW (New User) - on Jun 17, 2013 - 20:13 | report
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I purchased a camera from them for 289 dollars...they called me th enext day and told me that particular camera would be imported and thats why it is so cheap. The normal price the the camera is closer to 700 or 800 dollars. The guy on the phone proceeded to... See Moretell me that for 549 I could get the same camera in the USA plus he would add a high speed card reader, a soft compact point and shoot bag, Lens Cleaning System LCD Screen Protector And Tripod and for 99.99 I could get a 5 year Canon warranty. I am hoping that everything comes as expected and that I didn't get scammed. I think the advertised cheap prices is just a ploy to get customers to commit and then they call back offering a different deal that is more expensive, but they try to make it sound good. All in all, I paid $649, which for this particular camera is still long as it is new and in perfect condition; which it better be. The guy on the phone was nice, I just didn't appreciate the tactics he used to sell me a more expensive camera. I had no problem paying the higher price, but I am a bargain hunter and will go for the cheapest price when possible. I am supposed to receive my stuff tomorrow, so I will post again once I receive and inspect.
By gravatar ToddY (New User) - on Mar 08, 2013 - 23:22 | report
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Thank you, killerwhale 34, for your bad review of Based on your review, I decided not to purchase a rather expensive camera. I was uncomfortable with their terms and conditions when they stated a minimum restocking fee but no maximum restocking fee. Limited info on returns... See More - i.e. number of days acceptable to return. Many, many loopholes whereby they could run up charges. You saved me. Thank you and thank goodness for Webutation.
By gravatar datl (New User) - on Aug 29, 2012 - 06:36 | report
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On May 12, 2012 (Mothers day Weekend), I purchased the Canon powershot sx40 digital camera pack from Allstate Camera for $286. I did my research and this was the cheapest price I could find with the bundle package. The next day I received a call from customer service, he... See Moreasked me why I did not take advantage of the battery and charger that went with the camera. I thought the battery and charger would be with it, but I was mistaken. He said he could add it to the bundle and just needed my card number again to charge the $40 it would cost. I gave him the number and when I went back in the next couple of days to see the shipping/price of my camera bundle, I noticed that not only had he charged $100 but also raised the price of the bundle pack. All said and done he charged me $398.50. I called customer service back and explained I needed to speak to the supervisor. I tried to call customer service and received messages that they were not open. I called the next day and the service representative told me that he would take my number and have the manager call me right back. I waited 2 hours and no call. I called back to find that they had closed. I returned home to find that the camera had arrived but not all of the bundle pack had arrived. They did not pack the tripod and also the lens protectors. I called back the next day and the representative told me to call back in an hour and the store manager would be available to take my call. I called back an hour later and was connected to the manager. I explained the overcharge of the credit card and all he told me was that was incorrect on my part, that the customer service rep would never had said $40 because that is below their cost. I told him it did happen and he again told me I was wrong. I explained that mistakes can happen and if the representative meant $40 a piece that that is what he should have said. The manager started to get angry and told me that the representative never said $40. I told him that I was displeased with the customer service I had received and since the bundle pack was incomplete, that I would just return the camera and he could refund me. He told me I could ship it back at my own cost and then he would charge me a 20% restocking fee. I explained because I had not received the whole shipment that I should be able to return the camera no cost to me. He began yelling at me and saying that he was not going to reimburse my card the full amount. He swore at me and made me mad in return I began to swear at him. He and I went round and round about the cost, the missing items, and the returning of the product. He threatened to hang up on me when I was talking and he kept trying to interrupt me. I told him that I was going to finish what I was saying before he cut me off. He finally said he would send me out the two objects and explained that the tripod was a tabletop tripod. I told him I knew what it was, and he responded "With customers like you, I have to make sure I am as specific as possible"! He explained that the cost of the camera did not go up, but in the end, he did say he would reimburse my card $15. He was rude, inconsiderate, yelling, swearing, and refused to believe that his employee could have made a mistake. Next time I will pay a little more just to have good customer service. I will never purchase from them again and do not recommend purchasing from them. I am still suspicious about whether or not that was the manager, because I have never run across a manger of a store that screams and curses at customers and does not try to right the wrong in order to please and retain a customer. The manger that I talked to was of the Asian race.
By gravatar killerwhale34 (New User) - on Jun 25, 2012 - 17:05 | report
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