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10 Holford Drive
United Kingdom
☎ +44 845 564 3966
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
Very bad experience.
I placed my order on 13th of March, was quoted 4-6 business days delivery. Money were taken from my account the same day. Before placing an order I called waeplus to confirm that they have it in stock, and they did. I also called them a few... Mehr zeigendays after that to see if they still have it in stock and if my order has been shipped. I was told that it's in process. When my order didn't arrive on the 21st of March the latest as it was promised I called them again to figure out what's happening. I was told that they are having some problems with my order and that it will be delivered by the end of next week. I asked customer support officer what kinda problems exactly are they having and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get an answer out of them, all I got was that it was a problem on their side and they assured me that I'll get it by the end of next week (which is 25-th - 28th of March). So what a fool I was to believe it. On the 23rd of March I used their fast response contact, since they work only on weekdays, I expected to get a reply on Monday or Tuesday morning but nobody contacted me. So I called them today again, I spent 20+ minutes on hold and while waiting I checked my order status online and what I found was that "This order is marked as Stocking Issues". I must note that since I placed my order I checked status online everyday, and it said awaiting fulfilment and today I get this. WTF???!!! As I already said they had in stock when I placed my order and they even had it on 22nd of March. But now it's gone. Ok, back to today's conversation with customer support, at first I was told that they'll have in stock next week, when I asked if she's sure about it, she said that not really and she can't tell me when it will be back in stock. I asked for manager or someone from logistics department and was told that they'll tell me same thing, I kept insisting but still didn't get contacts info. Finally I convinced her to email me saying that once they have it in stock it will be shipped to me. In this email I was also offered to get an alternative from them or a refund.
I decided to wait a few more days but I still would like to speak to someone from management or logistics department.
Over all terrible retailer, I wish I ordered this item from amazon even tho it would cost me a bit more.
von gravatar ArikK (neu hier!) - am 26. Mr 2013 - 14:17 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
Very easy to use and delivered quite a bit earlier than I'd opted for. Excellent prices and easy to speak to helpful staff.
von gravatar printerparts (neu hier!) - am 25. Mr 2012 - 01:04 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
Briliant. Lowest prices around, even lower than Amazon. Always delivered quickly and on time by their own delivery drivers.
von gravatar NikeJohn59 (neu hier!) - am 18. Mr 2012 - 23:45 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
Really good. Big Big range and good prices. Wasn't sure I'd heard of them before but looked around and they've had some really great press so gave them a punt and it paid off. They are now our main supplier for all things office related.
von gravatar nickyAVFC (neu hier!) - am 09. Feb 2012 - 17:57 | melden
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