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Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
DONT BUY, bought 2 sofa beds last year..poor manufacturing, spring started breaking within 4 months time and 2nd sofa had matress going off already. Informed customer service and we were advised to bring sofas for inspection as they could not tell the problem from pictures even though the broken spring... Mehr zeigenand baggy sofas were shows quite clearly. We only used 1 sofa for casual sitting anf 2nd sofa for a new born baby to sleep on sometimes. Spent 40quid on deliveringthe sofas and we were informed that it will take 7 days for inspection. We all sat on floor for 3months as te inspection took more than 30days and we were informed that the engineers could not find any problem with them. They offered us refund on 1 sofa but not the2nd one and asked us to collect it as it was....I requested exchange instead of refund on 1 sofa as I could not keep 1 sofa at home of different design and buy another 1 of a different design.
I received broken sofa and of different size (v small) in exchange and didnt get my 2ndsofa back as the warehouse has disposed it without my consent and without any notice. The direct will not reply to my complaint and they have asked me to go to the court if I would like to but there is nothing they can do about it......
von gravatar JindA (neu hier!) - am 15. Okt 2014 - 20:22 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
No stars, the second day upon receiving the bed the frame the bed kept on collapsing, the slats are made from MDF therefore most of the slats were either broken in half and bended with splinters.

I phoned the company the following week regarding that they place the broken slats.... Mehr zeigenThe women on phone was very rude to me and defended the company stating that she has had the bed for over 10 years and it is in good condition. They wanted proof by me taking pictures of the bed frame and emailing them the 'broken' bed frame which I did.

They refused to send out new bed slats they requested that I send all the broken bed slats first so they can look at them and consider then. In the end I brought my self a new bed from a known high street retailer and it was worth it.

I am so angry that they are still trading on sites such as Groupon and other sites.
von gravatar LewisM3 (neu hier!) - am 02. Okt 2013 - 11:02 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter

First night, bed collapses and continues to do so every time you get in or out of it as it will only stay up if your weight is distributed evenly on the bed. The slats would go up in flames in... Mehr zeigena second they are that thin and the little holders to hold them in are plastic so any weight put on them and you fall to the floor in the middle of the night whilst asleep! I have of course spent 3 days trying to get them to sort this out and I have basically been told that wont! I'm so unhappy and fed up I cant write anymore on this review......
von gravatar BeverleyP (neu hier!) - am 05. Jun 2013 - 13:49 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
I do agree that is the worst company ever. I have purchased a bedframe from them and when it arrived damaged they now want me to pay for the delivery of a new one!! They do not listen and are very arrogant with the customer. Think twice before you buy... Mehr zeigena bed from them. They keep TNT side not a customer side !
von gravatar GosiaJ (neu hier!) - am 31. Mai 2013 - 03:15 | melden
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