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So I was worried about ordering from as I had seen no reviews and even if the site was real, would the modafinil be real? I ended up giving them the benefit of the doubt and I didn't regret it, I payed via PayPal however what made me worry... Mehr zeigenwas the fact that I got an email from giving me a PayPal link to pay after filling out an order form as you were not able to make a payment on there site, which in a sense isn't really anything to worry about but would have preferred having a payment option which redirects you to paypals site from, anyway it didn't matter at the end of the day the site was legit and may honestly be one of the only ones that are no one that are legit. The customer service was OUTSTANDING and I was able to talk to very helpful people.

After ordering I received an email the next day saying that my order had been dispatched and was given a tracking number (don't worry about the tracking not updating as it takes ages for it to do so) and waited around 8 days and the modafinil arrived. So I took one 200mg tablet and it had a effect on me within a hour, it all just changed in a oddly sensational way, I didn't feel high I just felt great and my self. It's been 3 days since I have been using modafinil now and I can truly say it has a genuine affect. So anyone worried about the modafinil being fake it isn't.

I cannot explain how grateful of being around and providing a genuine service as I was researching for weeks for legit site who didn't steal from their customers and I did.

I would literally recommend to everyone.

And one piece of advice do not take 200mg if your trying modafinil for the first time, just take half a tablet you will have a much better experience as if you take a whole 200mg tablet you will most likely get a headache and won't feel as great.

von gravatar Waraich (neu hier!) - am 15. Dez 2012 - 00:54 | melden
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