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As someone who tried the Huddlebuy trial offer and happily converted to Gold Card membership I would like to comment on the negative report of the last reviewer. If you tried the offer for free and forgot to cancel the direct debit before the stipulated time then I would suggest... Mehr zeigenthat's really your own fault as you signed up to those criteria when you chose to take the offer on. I have missed the bus by being a couple of minutes late but I don't then blame the bus for the fact it left on time and I was late. The review is really just a story of the inability of an individual to follow instructions rather than anything to do with Huddlebuy itself.Our own experience of Huddlebuy has been entirely positive and we have benefited greatly as a business from a number of the offers, and tried out services we would not usually have encountered so there has been benefit to both ourselves and the suppliers. I would like to say that I have nothing to do with Huddlebuy other than being a satisfied customer who feels that people misuse these review sites to malign businesses, which can severely damage their reputation, without having any validity to their claim.
von gravatar CandyB4 (neu hier!) - am 15. Mai 2014 - 12:49 | melden
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My experience with Huddle Buy has been terrible. I have been business for some time. I am a big believer that if the business is viable - and it delivers a good service, then you don't have to lock your customers in. If a customer is unhappy, let them... Mehr zeigengo. If you genuinely deliver a good service, then they will stay. I signed up to try Huddle Buy as a potential advertiser. So I thought, I would check out their service as a potential customer- see what it is like from a customers view point. So I signed up for a trial. Another reason for the trial was because they had this promotion of family photo - and they way it was advertised (misleading from my point of view) was that it was available to all. I signed up for the trial and found that I could not use most of the service - in particular this photo shoot for the family because it was 3 hours drive from my house. So not worth it. Accidentally I forgot to cancel the trial. I did not use the HuddleBuy service, and as soon as I saw payment had been taken from my account, this is one day into after the 14 day period, I contacted them to explain that it was mistake and it was an accident. I suppose I was hoping for a "human" experience - not a scripted call centre experience. What I got was a standard response saying they were within their right to charge me. I agree legally they were. But now and then you have to use a bit of common sense. Let's call it being human. Being a person. I am both a consumer as a small business owner. I know how it feels like to be at both ends of the spectrum. I don't want to be promoting our business here. However, we are also a service business. We let people try us for free without credit cards, and even after the trial there is no contract at all. Huddle buy should really think about if it's manipulating people or if it's offering genuine value!
von gravatar RyanS16 (neu hier!) - am 05. Feb 2014 - 12:00 | melden
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