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Euro-Placements Italy Srl
Via Correggio 19
20149 Milan Lombardy
☎ +39 02 7601 8357
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I joined up with this agency over a year ago and I found a job working for one of their Italian clients. My contract was all above board and stated I was to work 30 hours a week, with 2 days off a week, any extra hours and days to... Mehr zeigenbe paid accordingly and flexibility needed from myself when the client was travelling/working.
The first 3 months of my work included more than what the contract stated, including weekends working and I was not paid a penny extra during this time.
When I contacted the agency after 3 months to query this, I was not supported and after another month to 6 weeks of discussions via agency and client, I eventually got paid for extra working hours; however, I continued to work most weekends including a 5 week stint without a full day off.
I did my job well, called in sick once in 11 months, potty trained my child and said yes to all my diva-like boss' demands. I never bothered to contact the agency again due to the lack of support I was given in the past when I had problems in the future.
I stuck out the job for approx 11 months and gave my boss a 3 month notice of my departure - my reasons given were personal and never did I express my dislike of my boss and the agency.
My boss was so angry that I handed in my notice that she fired me anyway.
I never had a disciplinary, a written or verbal warning of my conduct at work - in fact - my boss wanted me to stay another year and was quite miffed when I decided to leave.
I was sacked over fluff ( I requested my boss to kindly let me know before I got on the bus to her home, an hour each way, if she made changes to my start time, as I would be left stranded in her town with nothing to do until I was due to start work at a new time. It was deemed 'unprofessional' and I was not in the same room or within a 15 mile radius of my boss when she sacked me via several aggressive texts. Dare I say, my boss' conduct here was the only unprofessional thing that happened that day.)
My now ex-boss told my agency Europlacements that I was a terrible nanny and refused to give me a reference.
The agency gave me a reference instead, and when I found a new job with a new agency, I sent this reference to my now boss. This reference did not mention any misgivings, problems or issues about my ability as a nanny.
My new boss works with several agency's in Italy and upon finding me, she informed all her agencies that their work was no longer needed as the post had been filled and she mentioned my name.
When my old agency, Europlacements found out that I was using a new agency and that they had lost a job they were hoping to get commission on to another agency, Europlacements went on to contradict everything that they had written about me in my reference and disparaged my ability as a nanny and discouraged my new boss to keep me on as I was sacked from my lost post.
I have never been sacked from a job before and I have never, ever had this type of experience with any agency, in Italy, or worldwide before.
Needless to say, I will never work with Europlacements again, and I am quite sure that my new boss won't either.
I would strongly urge and young men or women who are searching for work in Italy to give a wide berth to Europlacements, Milano and sign-up with one of the many other, more adept agencies that there are instead. 30/10/2013
von gravatar CymraesF (neu hier!) - am 30. Okt 2013 - 21:58 | melden
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Europlacements Italy: Personalised English Mother Tongue recruitment for childcare and education in Italy

Personalised English Mother Tongue recruitment for childcare and education in Italy.

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