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Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
Love this site! Got some wonderful bargains and just in time for the holidays!!! It is a penny auction so for every bid that is placed the item cost increases by one cent. I received a $100 gift card that just cost me $3.44! You do need
to... Mehr zeigenpurchase bids that they usually have a great deal on, but at a minimum you will spend $36 to get at least 200 bids! Try it out!
von gravatar jacobsen8 (neu hier!) - am 27. Nov 2012 - 02:48 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
I LOVED finding this site. I didn't do great in my first bid package but they gave me a second bid package gurantee because they want you to win. SO, after getting my second package i won amazon gift cards, a pan and a breadmaker we have been
needing.... Mehr zeigen It is not luck, or chance its a skill set. BUT i also got my pan today its totally legit and and a great site!!
von gravatar snissa (neu hier!) - am 27. Nov 2012 - 01:55 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter is a great site!
I was very skeptical at first until I started seeing pictures of people I know on Facebook getting product very cheap. I am glad I gave I done it, I have more than got my moneys worth! The staff is great, responsive and all... Mehr zeigenmy stuff was shipped quickly. Anybody that complains about this site simply should have more patience or just stick with coupons at the boring retail stores. I recommend not going after just one product, get in where you fit in :)
von gravatar ncjeepgurl (neu hier!) - am 27. Nov 2012 - 01:23 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
I am certain there are deals to be had here, but unfortunately their products, customer service, website, & shipping leave a lot to be desired.

I purchased coffee, but the coffee I received was 6 months past the "best by" date - customer service never responded to my 2 inquiries.... Mehr zeigen

I purchased a BK gift card but it never arrived - customer service never responded to my inquiries.

I purchased name-brand batteries. They did not arrive in a retail package but instead arrived loose in a box. I suspected they were used, recharged or recycled. Customer service never responded to my inquiries.

One afternoon, the site blew up, & I was one of countless people inquiring on FB. Yet bidding went on, deals were sealed, and I lost countless bids. Customer service never made this right.

I can't recommend this site, and I never intend to use it - ever, never, again.
von gravatar awesomeness (neu hier!) - am 22. Nov 2012 - 05:14 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
I signed up for DealDash and bought bids. I never received credit for the bids I bought even though Paypal paid them.

I was only able to get on the site once and not able to any longer. I've sent so many emails asking for assistance but have received no response.... Mehr zeigen

Very frustrating experience so far.
von gravatar grannygreen123 (neu hier!) - am 22. Nov 2012 - 02:57 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
I have had nothing but good experience with DealDash

I would not recommend anybody bidding without doing some studying and/or use a tool like - DealDash Elite or you will be at a serious disadvantage!
von gravatar kenjohnston (neu hier!) - am 19. Nov 2012 - 18:54 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
They did not honor the guarantee which states "It might sound too good to be true, but that’s why DealDash makes sure that new customers are 100% percent covered for their first purchase. Customers can buy their first bid pack, explore the site, bid on some great items, and if... Mehr zeigenthey decide it isn’t for them they can get that money back. All they need to do is send a message to one of DealDash’s great customer support specialists, and their money will be refunded to them. Quick, simple, and easy!"

I have made 4 requests and they have all been ignored. I am VERY VERY disappointed.
von gravatar Lemuel624 (neu hier!) - am 15. Nov 2012 - 18:57 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
The site is somewhat misleading. It makes you feel as though you are bidding only 1 cent each time you bid, but actually you are bidding upwards of 60 cents each time. To win one item you could bid 400-1500 times for the big stuff - taking hours. The site... Mehr zeigenalso tells you that you will get bids back if you don't win, but it is odd how including myself, so many read it that you get the bids back if you DO win. I had to read it a few times after I won to realize that I wasn't getting any bids back. Between the bids and the 'cheap' price for the item - I seriously overpaid. It is essential that you keep track of the cost of the bids - once you buy bids you can't get a refund. Bidding on big items can be be hundreds of $$$ to win it. They really have made it seem like you are getting things for say $15 worth really $300, but if you add in the price of the "bids" you might be paying $350. Keep track people!
von gravatar camayallover (neu hier!) - am 05. Nov 2012 - 21:05 | melden
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