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so far this site is useless!!!!!
Given 2 $25.00 gift certificates with a purchase of over $50.00 at SAM's Club and cannot even figure out how to access site much less "register" certificate that I was awarded.yesterday for a purchase!!
von gravatar loraharvey (neu hier!) - am 19. Aug 2012 - 02:42 | melden
Daumen hoch
Daumen runter
Avoid web hosting like the PLAGUE!! web hosting is very BAD hosting and a VERY dishonest hosting company!!! If you try their Joomla demo site hosting you get the impression that their servers are fine for Joomla sites. But when you migrate your Joomla site to their servers, that's... Mehr zeigenwhen the nightmare begins!! See this page for the details of the CloudAccess web hosting problems and the NIGHTMARE that I experienced (and this could happen to you) with CloudAccess web hosting:

CloudAccess requires their own "Cloud Panel" extension be installed in your site backend because they have no CPanels on their hosting accounts. They also create their own SuperUser so they have Joomla backend admin access for your site. Doesn't sound too bad does it? Well, it's worse than you think... CloudAccess tech support will enable/disable and make changes to extensions and they don't tell you about it!! So you have to find and figure out on your own what CloudAccess tech support screwed up in your Joomla website with their SuperUser access and then you have to fix it yourself!! Not so bad? Well, it gets a lot worse...

If you want your web host to DELETE your files, constantly lie to you, and scam you for money, then CloudAccess is for you. Everyone else should avoid them like the plague!!
von gravatar noticealert (neu hier!) - am 19. Aug 2012 - 00:08 | melden
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